The Evolution of Practice

Posted by Yoga Chi Gung on April 04, 2011

Classical yoga has evolved over the last 5000 years.  Initially practiced by men only, it was taught in secret, passed on verbally from teacher to student.  The aim was to aid the movement of prana, leading to the opening of the crown and an experience of oneness, connection to divinity and all existence.  These ancient students of yoga lived a very natural and organic life. The the air they breathed was unpolluted, their mode of transport was walking and they were very accomplished in their physical form.  Yoga students of the 21st century find themselves in a very different lifestyle.  Man in the western world is lives a stationary existence.  We are prone to sitting too much, eating too much and suffer form a general lack of movement.  Our reasons for practicing yoga are very different to those of 5000 years ago.  Yoga chi gung has developed out of a need to counter posture our everyday lifestyle.  To move our body in a way that counter acts the imbalances of our modern, western life.




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Yoga Chi Gung Class | Moving into Stillness
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