Principles of Yoga Chi Gung

Posted by Yoga Chi Gung on April 04, 2011

Principles of Yoga Chi Gung


  1. To move and use the body in the most natural way, based on biomechanics.

  2. Practice within your capacity. Extension without tension.  Challenge without stress.

  3. Soft joints, knees, elbows, shoulders, hips.

  4. Always maintain some reserve, stretch to no more than 90%.

  5. Allowing the breath to flow naturally while maintaining breath awareness.

  6. Awareness of centre (Dantien, Nabi, Hara).

  7. Vinyasa and intelligent sequencing to build the intensity of the practice.  Ease your self into posture.

  8. Weight underside, top light, grounded with a strong foundation.

  9. Face and neck relaxed.

  10. Yoga Chi Gung does not require past experience or a level of flexibility to practice




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