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Beginners Traditional Technique of Oil Painting Course

Technique of Oil Painting for Beginners

West End, QLD

Subject: Painting

Teaching oil painting since 2003

I started teaching the techniques of oil paintings in Australia in 1994 and more recently since 2003 with weekly classes in Brisbane.

New daytime classes

I now have added a new location for my painting classes. As well as teaching in Albion for evening classes from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, I also teach in West End with daytime classes running weekly from 9.30am to 1.30 pm

Advance level for painting class

As well as the usual beginners class, it is possible to learn more in depth with an intermediate level and mentoring sessions.

Course Content:

Week 1: Introduction
* Brief history of the tradition
* Preparation of surfaces for painting
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Course Content:

Week 1: Introduction
* Brief history of the tradition
* Preparation of surfaces for painting
Canvas on board
* Drawing preparation, transfer techniques.

Week 2: Description of Materials
* Oils, painting mediums, resins, retouching varnish, spirits, varnishes
* Preparation of mediums for painting: Oleo- resinous vehicles

Week 3: Colours
* Psychology of colours
* Commercial colours
* Primary, secondary colours

Week 4: Composition
* Drawing, perspective, the golden rule
* Rhythm, unity, harmonies

Week 5-6-7: Methods of Painting
* Chiaroscuro preparations, transparent painting, Venetian process, glazing system, Flemish process, Modern process.

The practice is an important part of this class and 2 paintings will be executed with individual supervision as exercise along the 7 weeks.

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Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class.


Circle Gallery, Art Shed
274 Montague Rd
West End, QLD 4101

Willing to travel

Location notes:

Upstairs from Art Shed shop


  • Class / Group Sessions

Price: $320.00



All material used in the class is provided at not extra cost.

The teachers

  • Marcel Desbiens
  • Taught By
  • Marcel Desbiens

French-Canadian Master Painter, Marcel Desbiens, will take you on a great adventure learning the traditional techniques...

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French-Canadian Master Painter, Marcel Desbiens, will take you on a great adventure learning the traditional techniques of oil painting. Marcel offers genuine and authentic high level instruction, for both the fun-loving and the very dedicated art minded. All programs are designed to give a strong foundation of artistic ability, to prepare for a professional career or a lifetime of enjoyment as a skilled amateur. The goal of learning to paint can be attained by anyone who is willing to pursue it. It is as accessible as learning to write. If you can draw a stick figure, than you can learn how to paint. Not everyone, however, has the desire and discipline to learn drawing and painting skills. And everyone who does, wants learn this wonderful form of expression for a different reason. Any student, the very disciplined and the undecided, have the right to ask for the best training available. These days artists that are just starting out are told that it is the tools themselves that inhibit their uniqueness or self-expression. I believe that they actually enable them to fully express their visions without being hampered by a lack of education. Traditional skills are necessary for developing a foundational base from which the artist can work. It is craftsmanship that is the foundation of self-expression, not the lack of it. Conversely, being creative without knowledge is like re-inventing the wheel. The joy of inquiring knowledge about the solid grounding in the basics of laws in art and to practice them is as beautiful as the works created through this knowledge. And although it may sound very serious, it should be just lots of fun.

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