Cities Where You'll Find doMore

doMore helps people find great local instructors and schools in their cities and towns. We are growing throughout Australia every day, however we currently only have extensive class coverage in:

Of course, even if we haven't launched in your city, you can still sign up and be listed on doMore!

This site is designed to grow organically, so there's no need to wait until we launch in your town. Create a profile, and students will find it if they search in your area (and your listing will help you be discovered in the major search engines).

So if you're in Australia we hope you'll join us as a instructor, a student or both!

Common Questions about our city coverage

You're not in my city yet -- how will I know when you launch near me?

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Why doesn't doMore work for international locations?

We'd love to support teachers who live outside the Australia; however, we're still working with some difficulties around mapping and localization. We hope to perfect things in our few few cities before moving on to our international neighbors.