Red Alligator Personal Training Studio

Banyule, VIC

Red Alligator Personal Training Studio
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Red Alligator Personal Training Studio is the culmination of more than a decades dedication to health and wellbeing. Sandro... More About Me »

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Exercise & Fitness

  • VIBRO Trainers

    VIBRO Trainers Offering the very latest in complimentary training, Studies have attributed a number of health benefits…

  • Stretch & Flex

    Stretch & Flex – A gentle, relaxing workout for all major muscle groups to increase flexibility. It helps you to relax tense…

  • Spin

    Spin – A high energetic workout, done at your own pace. Cardio vascular focused and an intense work out for your legs…

  • Circuit

    Circuit – A high intensity combination class done at you’re own pace that incorporates, strength, cardio and interval training…

  • Red Alligator Personal Training

    Red Alligator Personal Training offers, one on one or small group personal training, off peak gym memberships, group fitness…

    1 session available for $15.00

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Personal Training



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Not just your average personal training studio
  • 4/5 stars

Red Alligator Personal Training was recommended to me by a friend who is a current client. It was the best bit...
– Sonya

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