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At what age should my child begin swimming lessons?

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Leopold Swim School

Most Swim Schools start lessons for children at the age of 6mths, this is when you should start lessons you should water familisation in the bath and shower before this. Get your baby use to water and teach your child to enjoy water.

Adam Cunningham

Hi There.

I'm no expert, however I would say as early as you can!

I'm currently taking my 3 yr old daughter Willow to swimming lessons each Saturday and she loves it. Apart from that, I can see how quickly her confidence is growing in the water and how she is learning to stand up on her own when she falls over (and goes under), climbing out of the pool on her own and of course learning to kick, float and blow bubbles etc...

Willow is far from the youngest! I see lots of new parents with babies taking lessons each week.

I say - regardless of their age, have a go for a term and see what you get out of it and asses it then. Every child is different - and they all need to learn some time!


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