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Learning Difficulties

Posted by Antonia Canaris on October 19, 2010

Learning Difficulties

Many students struggle to learn and express themselves at school. Schools are often too busy to find out why some bright students underachieve. Specialised assessment and remediation services are hard to find. Parents try to find answers but are often overwhelmed by the different approaches that can be found on the internet. Even children with definite diagnoses get very little help at school because funding is not adequate.
Students may find it hard to concentrate or follow the teacher. High schools are particularly challenging for many students. Each student has many teachers who often are sitting in separate "departments" and find it hard to share information about students. As a special education teacher I realise that mainstream teachers do not have the time to read long psychology reports and the like. They also are not taught how to interpret them. Thus terms such as "moderate to severe delay in  expressive language" would not lead to an increased sympathy for a high school student's abrupt way of replying. Students can also not write more...

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    • Narelle Jones
    • Posted by Narelle Jones on December 05, 2011
    • In total agreement with this.
      I am a Teacher Aide for Special Needs I have worked in Special School/Institutions and Public Schools. Studied and participated in many teaching for many types of learning difficulties.

    • Antonia Canaris
    • Posted by Antonia Canaris on December 05, 2011
    • Hi Narelle

      It is great to see a committed aide! Keep up the good work and let's pressure government to get change. I have started a dyslexia charity to try and change this situation. Have a look at DARE (Dyslexia Advocacy Resources and Education Charity Trust) Leave a comment and become a subscriber!

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