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Busting the "I Can't Sing I'm Tone Deaf" Myth...

Posted by Robyn Gray on February 16, 2012

Busting the
Sing It Sister! for women who love to sing...

In her article Singing for self-healing, health and wellbeing, Professor Jane W. Davidson, Head of the Department of Music at the University of Western Australia writes:
"Outside of Western practices, group singing is an important social and cultural force. Emergent studies in the area of music therapy and music and health demonstrate that group singing can promote feelings of health and wellbeing. Studies provide evidence of the physiological, cognitive and emotional benefits of group singing for an improved quality of life. Considering the potential for young and old across...

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    • Lee Hoinville
    • Posted by Lee Hoinville on February 27, 2012
    • I love what you have written! I love to sing and am constantly being frowned upon by my teenage son, so am now limited my sining to when I mow the grass or walk in the bush. Is there anything in the Kempsey NS area please?

    • Robyn Gray
    • Posted by Robyn Gray on February 29, 2012
    • Hi Lee,
      Thanks for your comment, much appreciated!
      Sing it Sister! Workshops are based in Newcastle NSW.
      The closest singing experience to Kempsey I know of that is similar is with Brian Martin who is based in Bellingen.
      There is a Joy of Singing workshop coming up in March and he'll be in Lismore later in March as well.
      Check out for his contact details and to receive his newsletter with upcoming workshops etc.

      Wishing you many smiles,
      Robyn : )

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Why is group singing good for you?

Posted by Cons Music School on October 05, 2010

Why is group singing good for you?
CMSVG 11winners at PortKembla2

Do you love to SING?  Are you female, aged between 13 and 20, but find the only place you get to sing is the shower or your room?
Why sing alone when you could be part of a...

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