Social Confidence (small but powerful tip)

Posted by Advanced Core Development on September 25, 2012

When a stranger catches you looking at them DO NOT LOOK AWAY! You are telling them you do not go for what you want in life and that you are a weak person with low-status.

Hold eye contact for a moment or so more and then, if you have no business with them, simply shift your gaze away and continue on with what you are doing  But do not quickly ‘dart’ your eyes away as if looking at them was somehow wrong.  (If you do want to interact with them do so immediately upon making eye contact as it may be considered weird not to – of course there are exceptions to this so use your best judgement).

By training yourself to hold eye contact with strangers you are learning to 'own your own space'. You are strengthening your belief in your right to exist among your fellow man.

When you enter a room, it makes sense that you should want to know who is in the room that YOU are in. Get comfortable eyeballing everyone. These people are your alliances. If anything goes down you need to know who you can rely on. Looking at people is the only way you can do this.

Holding eye contact with people makes you vulnerable to their judgements of you. Don't try to avoid judgement! As this too is low status behaviour.

Holding eye contact is not aggressive or weird. Obviously don't stare at people for too long or in a way that creeps them out. Also, don't use it to dominate others simply to make yourself feel superior.

Commit to holding eye contact with strangers as an exercise to strengthen your internal core and increase your self-worth. You will learn to become much more assertive to the world. A trait you'll need to influence life and create the reality you want.



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