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Posted by Paula Di Pietro on November 07, 2012

I was so chuffed to hear that one of my students has lost weight since he started dancing and also wrote this very sweet testimonial about my classes which I just had to share. :))

"I have been training Salsa with Paula for almost three months now. Her passion and devotion for dance has truly inspired me not only to become a better dancer also a better person. Her teaching style of LA Salsa is dynamic and powerful, encompassing not only the physical fitness aspect, she reaches out to all the elements, timing, balance and body shaping. So thanks Paula for introducing me to the world of Salsa. Now that I'm hooked, I just can't wait to see what's around the corner".
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Hooked on Dance Melbourne - Latin Dancing, Bachata class
Hooked on Dance Melbourne - Latin Dancing, Bachata class
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