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Posted by Passionata Dance on February 20, 2012

A Passionata perspective of dance, Journey in tracking your development.

Article reposted from, Written by Derek Vuong on 20/02/2112

Understanding Dance and yourself. Don't be discouraged

As the reader of this article, you may have your own unique and personal experiences of dancing. Some may be negative or positive depending on your personal choices and attitudes. Your experience may vary from seeing performers at a friend's wedding party, to being forced kicking and screaming by a friend onto the floor, or watching celebrity dancers on television enjoy the attention. In any of those ways, the act of dancing envokes the emotion for people who watch and appreciate the artform or personally perform the act of dancing for the benefit of others. Negative experiences of dancing may traumatise an individual and discourage a person for life attemtping to dance. This could be the form of being embarassed or the fear of what others may think. Positive experiences could be a love for someone you were entranced by whom is a dancer that compells the head over heels chase, or a natural love for dance that compells the person to keep pushing themselves to feel, improve and understand themselves to a higher spiritual level. A general rule of learning dance is to never be discouraged by chall....(to see more at passionata dance..follow this link..)


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