Life drawing & painting Wednesdays

Princes Hill, VIC

Subject: Drawing

Untutored. Suitable for artist wishing to work on detailed drawings or paintings.


Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class.


270 Macpherson St
Princes Hill, VIC 3054

Skill level

Beginner, Intermediate



per session.

The teachers

In 1999 the centre continued to operate and maintain many programs. However core funding was still necessary for the survival...

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In 1999 the centre continued to operate and maintain many programs. However core funding was still necessary for the survival of the centre. The survival of the Centre over the next few years is a testament to the dedicated work of the committee and staff and many voluntary hours of work, and the support of the Princes Hill Secondary College.
In 2000 the politics at the time were such that the Centre had to survive without any funding from the City of Yarra or DHS. To survive the Centre sold its mini bus, and staffing hours were further cut. 2001 was also a totally unfunded year. A fund raising event at the Carlton Court House Theatre, raised $2000 and community awareness of the plight of the PHCC.
In 2002 programs were cut further due to the implication of the changes in the law on public liability. However it also represented a turning the tides for the PHCC. With the support of Jackie Fristacky our local council member, a submission for a grant of $20,000 from the City of Yarra for capital works and operational expenses, was successful.

This allowed the PHCC to focus on more than just surviving, and allowed for the upgrading of the Centre, with repairs, painting, new computer, Internet, resurfacing the floor of the studio as well as program development. In 2003 funding to investigate the way the PHCC and North Carlton Railway Station Neighbourhood House could work more effectively together was received. Much time was volunteered by those on the working party committee to plan and implement this process and in 2004 consultants were employed to look into the options.

2004 was taken up with the feasibility study into a new model based on closer collaboration with the North Carlton Railway Station Neighbourhood House. This work made clear the complementary nature of the services of NCRSNH and the PHCC and the importance of striving to develop community services in collaboration.

During this time the Princes Hill Secondary College was also undergoing an upgrade and extension. As part of this the food technology area was brought up to commercial standards and a new full size gym was planned and completed in 2006.
The gym at the PHSC allowed new sporting options to become available to the community. It has also provide a consistent income stream to the PHCC as in return for handling the hire of facilities the PHCC receives part of the revenue.

In the interim funding was applied for from the City of Yarra to cover the transition until all these procedures were set up. Funding was granted for 3 year, ceasing in 2009. The PHCC now has a sustainable income stream, and as a result has been able to look towards a bright future, offering new programs and opportunities to the community.

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