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Let the picture speak to you

Posted by Raj Arumugam on March 02, 2012

Let the picture speak to you
boy viewing Mt Fiji

Can a picture or a painting speak to you? Can that dialogue between you and the painting become a poem?
Yes, it can. Here are the steps you might use: 1. Look at a picture. 2.This is like meditation on a subject - just look, and listen. 3. Wait for the silence. 4. Do not struggle to get an idea. Let the picture and the depths of your mind do the work. 5. The idea arrives - write it down! You've got a poem.
Here's an example of a poem I wrote using the...

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empathy and writing poetry

Posted by Raj Arumugam on March 02, 2012

empathy and writing poetry
Sarah Malcolm

Empathy goes a great way in helping one write poetry.
I looked at an engraving of Sarah Malcolm by William Hogarth (1697-1764) recently. I did some research about Sarah Malcolm and moved by her story, I wrote a poem which is reproduced below.
For this technique to work, one must be genuinely interested in the subject. One draws on one's natural empathy for our fellow human beings and pays attention to the individual emotion or suffering of one's subject. Then only does one get genuine verse with real power in it. Try it. Meanwhile,...

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in my secluded house near a valley

Posted by Raj Arumugam on March 27, 2012

Here is a poem that I wrote and read and have posted on youtube.
It is about the life of a recluse,...

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