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Felecity Hoof

I have listed my pilates classes for newport - local area and I come up on page 6 how can I improve this.

My concern is that there are so many classes that are not even in Newport but come up before me. So whoever is looking for a specific area will not go to page 6 to find a class there (how does this system work then?)
Would be grateful for some tips,
Kind regards,

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Adam Cunningham

Hi Felecity. Welcome to doMore!

When listing your classes on doMore, it takes into account the quality and type of information you provide and then decided (using our algorithm) where you'll appear in search results.

To get the best results, here are a few tips!

Make sure you have a profile photo and a class photo for your listings.

Be sure to include information in your "About Me" part of the profile

Get Student Reviews and you'll rank even higher (these rankings will also appear in Google search results)

Add a banner to your profile

Write and Article and be seen across the entire site in relevant search pages.

Also I noticed that your courses are listed in Pittwater. This may be the reason why you're also appearing lower when searching Newport.

doMore also considers the relevance of the course content vs a search which also helps students find exactly what they're looking for.

We're constantly working and have some improvements on the way that will improve the relevance of search results for teachers and students which will result in even more connections / enrollments.

Felecity, feel free to contact the support team @ and we'll be happy to help you spruce up your profile and class listings and have you ranking nice and high on doMore and connecting with students in the doMore community.



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Melbourne Pilates Classes

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NEW CBD Pilates Classes - Tues & Thurs - lunchtime
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1 session available
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Mums and bubs
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