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Hi I was wondering how much are pilates classes if not a member of the gym ?

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Pat Zanin

Hi, casual classes are $17 and term rate classes are $13 per class (i class per week) or $12 per class (2 classes per week) $10 per classs (3 classes per week) Thanks.

Maggi Nimmo Galaxy Healing Pty Ltd

A pilates class can cost anywhere from $15.00 in bigger classes to $40.00ish for smaller more personalized sessions. It also depends on if the class is a mat/floor or equipment based, the latter is usually more expensive. good luck and do go it's often really fun. Maggi Nimmo


At ours school you do not need to be a member. We are based on the Northern Beaches at Brookvale and Collaroy. We offer matwork and equipment based Pilates and our classes run 6 days a week. You can attend casually $19 and equipment based $30 after your initial consult. For more information visit our website Djazzex dance and pilates
We'd love to welcome you to our school

Lisa p

Yoga and Beyond

The "pilates" /core class is on Wednesday at 6pm until 7:20pm.
It is $20 casual or 5 classes for $66 is the welcome offer.
No need to book just come 15min before class to register.
Address of Yoga & Beyond is 4/1269 The Horsley Dr Wetherill Park.
Hope to see you soon.

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Melbourne Pilates Classes

NEW CBD Pilates Classes - Tues & Thurs - lunchtime
NEW CBD Pilates Classes - Tues & Thurs - lunchtime
1 session available for $20.00
1 session available
Mums and bubs
Mums and bubs
1 session available for $35.00

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Felecity Hoof
I have listed my pilates classes for newport - local area and I come up on page 6 how can I improve this.
Felecity Hoof March 18, 2011