Make Fitness a Family Affair

Posted by juggernautPT on February 15, 2013

Make Fitness a Family Affair
Make Fitness a Family Affair

"Today I just saw a 12 yr old child who had hypertension, hyperlidemia (elevated fat levels in blood plasma), fatty liver, acanthosis nigicans (a swelling of the skin which is a symptom of type II diabetes) and a strong family history of diabetes"

Licia Reinosa, Pediatric Dietician*


Today childhood obesity is a major concern among the fitness professionals, parents and the medical community. This generation of kids is less active and more obese than any generation before, acquiring more health problems earlier and earlier on in life. 

Wouldn't it be great if your kids naturally enjoyed exercise and good nutrition? If this were the case then maybe childhood obesity wouldn't be the looming problem that it is.

As adults we exercise to improve health, stay fit, and control weight. But what motivates a child to be physically active? Fun. Ultimately, if children and adults enjoy an activity, they're more likely to stick with it. 

As you know, an inactive child has a greater chance of becoming an inactive adult if healthy habits aren't instilled early in life. And it's never too early to start. 

What better way to get your kids moving than to find a fun exercise activity your whole family can enjoy together? Your family will not only be healthier and trimmer, but will spend quality time connecting and set habits that may last a lifetime. 

Just remember that exercising as a family won't look like your typical workout. Here are some fun, creative ways to incorporate exercise into the life of your family. 

Make Chore Time Fun Time
Let's face it: chores and kids don't mix. Not willingly at least. Chores and fun don't usually mix, either. How can you combine chores with fitness while making it fun at the same time? 

Turn up your family's favorite tunes and sing and dance while cleaning the house. Let the kids take turns choosing the music. All ages can be involved. The youngest can pick up toys or sweep the floors. The older kids can vacuum, dust, and help with laundry. 

While you're at it, turn chores into a competition. Who can clean his or her room the fastest? (Without stuffing everything in the closet.) 

Dance Party 
Want a little more wiggle in your family exercise routine? Invite the kids' friends over for a dance party. Move the furniture out of the way, turn down the lights, and turn up the tunes! Then get moving. 

Kids will have a great time with this. If you have a Wii dance game, take turns in dance competition. 

Family Fitness Nights
Family fun night is often spent sitting around watching a movie or playing a board game. How can you turn family nights into fitness nights? 

Go on a bike ride together. Head to a nearby bike and go on a bush hike. Invite another family to join you and organize a beach soccer, basketball tournament, or just old school sack races. Set up a volleyball net in the backyard.


Get out their wheels of choice and head to a nearby skatepark. What about ice-skating as a family? Now there's a fun family workout! Let each family member take turns choosing which activity to do on family nights, but keep the nights focused on fitness that is fun. 

Hire a Personal Trainer
Each person has different fitness needs and goals, get a PT to design a workout program for each family member. 

Track Progress
A great way to stay motivated as a family to keep exercising is to track individual progress. If one family member needs to lose weight and another is trying to bench press heavier weight, track both of their progress and encourage them along the way. You could do it on a scoreboard where the family can support each others progress.

You can also have all family members wear a pedometer and reward the person with the most steps, or choose an exercise of the month. Good choices are squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, or skipping. At the beginning of the month, each family member must perform his or her maximum number of repetitions. After a month of training, the person with the highest percentage of improvement gets a small prize (and all the glory!).

Daily Nutrition

For most families the pace of daily life can mean there's a gap between what we should be eating and what we actually eat. Fruit and Vegetable Supplements like JuicePlus+ can help bridge that gap and encourage healthier eating habits. I'm proud to say that we can help your children and your family achieve better daily nutrition by helping to sponsor your junior juggernaut for Free into the International Children's Health Study and the best part is they'll actually enjoy it!

Established in 1999 the study is a large scale, multi-year survey designed to formally document the positive effects JuicePlus+ has on the health and well being of families who take it. It's based on 3 concepts

1. Good nutrition is the foundation of health and inspires other healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise

2. The best time to set kids up for a lifetime of good health and nutritional habits is in their childhood

3. The key to getting kids to adopt good health habits is parental involvement and their positive examples

To see the findings on the study so far, find out more on the project and how to participate click here or go to

When fitness is incorporated into everyday life, it won't become a drag or another thing to fit into your already busy schedule. Set aside just an hour two to three times a week to get moving as a family. Your kids will have fun and learn valuable life lessons and it will be quality time for you all.

Call or email today and I will schedule a time to sit down and meet with you one-on-one to strategize the quickest and most effective route to meeting your family's fitness goals.

*Quote sourced from recent Article: Experts weigh causes of US obesity epidemic



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