It's the most Wonderful Time of The Year

Posted by juggernautPT on December 16, 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year is a great song one of my Chrissy Favourites.  Few songs get me in the Christmas spirit like this one.  It is very likely you’ll hear this song about 1000 times between now and December 25th.

That being said, this really is the best time of year…….but for some it can also be the worst...

Each year from January thru November we make great strides in our pursuit of fitness.  We dedicate ourselves to proper nutrition and exercises.  We make and meet goals.  And then this “Wonderful Time” happens...

Research has shown that most of our weight gain will happen during the holiday season.  The increased time commitments, holiday parties and baked goods do not make for a healthy combination.  If we aren’t careful all of our hard earned gains during the year will be undone in just a few period of a few weeks!

This holiday season let’s try something different.  Let’s dedicate ourselves to continuing to pursue fitness.  By all means, attend all of the parties you want.  Eat, drink and be merry.  But plan your days meals and parties in such a way that you can enjoy the food and not derail your year-long efforts.

The holidays can be the most wonderful or awful time of year.  Let’s do our best to make the last 3 weeks as wonderful as the first 49.

Hope you have a wild saturday night;)



P.S If you feel you'll need help to keep the weight off, my Christmas Waistline Survival Guide' is shaping up to be an absolute gamechanger this silly season. I'll be giving you the opportunity to see it first, it will blow your mind!



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