Do it in a Dress!

Posted by juggernautPT on September 24, 2013

Do it in a Dress!
Do it in a Dress!

This October, non-profit organisation One Girlis calling on all Australians to ‘Do It In A Dress’ in the aim of raising awareness and much needed funds to empower and facilitate the education of girls in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

‘Do It In A Dress’ is a global movement launched by two Melbourne-based social entrepreneurs, Chantelle Baxter and Dave Dixon, that encourages Australians to have fun and do challenges in a dress, while tackling the serious issue of highly limited education accessibility for girls in Sierra Leone.

‘As Aussies, there are certain characteristics that really set us apart. Our ability to have fun and our generosity – this is what ‘Do It In A Dress’ is all about. Having fun and making a difference at the same time’ said One Girl co-founder, Chantelle Baxter.

Only one in six girls in Sierra Leone will attend high school and almost a third of girls will be married and pregnant before their 15th birthday – with one in eight dying during childbirth.

Last year saw over 700 people from all over the world ‘Do It In A Dress’, raising more than a quarter of a million dollars to send girls in Sierra Leone to school.

There are 60 million young girls around the world not in school  – and this year One Girl is aiming to raise $500,000 to empower over 2,080 of these girls to become educated girls, women and mothers.

‘The impact of sending just one girl to school is undeniable. She will marry later, have a smaller and healthier family, and for every year a girl stays in school she’ll increase her income by at least 10 per cent, investing 90 per cent of it back into her family’ said One Girl co-founder Dave Dixon.

‘Educating a girl improves the local economy more than any other type of investment, and is the pathway out of poverty’ adds Baxter, who wore a school dress for the entire month of October last year.

Last year, One Girl champions took up the mantle of doing it in a dress in an epic way, with participants bungee jumping, wake boarding and running marathons – even Dave Hughes from Channel Ten’s The Project, did it in a dress.

‘We’re calling on all Aussies to Do It In A Dress so that a girl in Sierra Leone can go to school’ adds Dixon; ‘And the best thing about the campaign is that everyone can get involved, it doesn’t matter what you do, just Do It In A Dress!’

If you can envisage yourself doing your regular juggernautPT boot camp session dressed in a nice frock, We'll also help you out by spreading the word about your  your fundraising efforts:)


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