Can you make people HAPPY?

Posted by juggernautPT on October 08, 2013

Can you make people HAPPY?
Can you make people HAPPY

July saw the launch of the Happy Project – a competition to find and fund an idea that aims to help make people happy. The founders of the project are quick to point out that it is not an advertising stunt or a government initiative – it’s an experiment in getting people thinking about other people’s happiness.


Founded by two brothers based in Sydney – Mark a bee-keeping, rocket car-racing, animation director father of two and Adam, a bamboo-growing, motorbike-riding father of one and arts lawyer by day.


Adam said, ‘I remember seeing a video of one of the early flash mobs set in Liverpool Street station – it had people breaking into an increasingly choreographed dance routine in an otherwise dull commuter day and seemed to capture a surreal celebration of life. Bystanders were initially mildly freaked out, then surprised, then they erupted in happiness. It was great. Then I saw it was an advert for some phone company – blerk.’


‘Our project is just about people and happiness. Everyone has volunteered – designers, lawyers, judges, voice-over artists, script-writers, ideas people, copywriters and web developers. No one gets paid. No one puts their brand on it. Not even the winner puts their name on it. It’s pure. It’s just about the happiness.’

In the first year, the initial prize money is $12,000 with additional funds raised via crowd-funding.

‘Its essential to get the public involved in helping select the winner. Our judges will select the top two entries. Those two will then promote their projects via the crowd‑funding platform Pozible – so the public can vote and there is an opportunity for the winner to increase the funds for the project’.

The competition is open to everyone and there is no restriction on the ideas that will be considered. If the idea involves a physical installation, Sydney will be the likely location in the opening year.

‘We’re really hoping artists and makers of all types will be interested in getting involved. Their experience in conceptualising and implementing ideas is invaluable. We’ve really got no idea about what the ideas could be – it’s chaotic, it’s challenging and weird and we’re happy with that’.

Perhaps you could instigate a happiness-inducing dance fitness performance that catches the eye of the judges? Applications are open until 15 October 2013. For more information or to submit an entry, go to


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