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Pakenham, VIC

Subject: Computer Training


This course will introduce you to the Windows XP operating environment and will show you some basics in Windows, including saving and opening files, arranging windows, using help, using the mouse and keyboard and
an introduction to the Internet.

TERM 3 Tuesdays 6.30pm – 9.00pm
27th July to 14th September

TERM 3 Thursdays 6.30pm – 9.00pm
7th October to 25th November


Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class


Pakenham, VIC

Skill level


Price: $50.00



Students have the option to purchase their textbook $35.

The teachers

Living and Learning Incorporated is commited to providing learning opportunities in a caring, professional supportive...

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Living and Learning Incorporated is commited to providing learning opportunities in a caring, professional supportive community environment,
which contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of individuals and the community.

About Us

LLP provides living and learning opportunities for Cardinia in a caring, professional supportive, community environment, with a focus on prevention rather than health or crisis intervention. LLP has become a significant nucleus for Community Education in Pakenham.

LLP offers a range of Neighbourhood Services and opportunities for new and old residents, individuals and families adding to community support and debate by providing a central focus encouraging self help rather than dependency. Single issue groups have administrative support and a venue from which to operate.

LLP community development reduces isolation, facilitates involvement, provides leadership, increases life opportunities and enriches quality of life. people of Non English Speaking background or who have a range of DisAbilities attend courses and programs as clients, tutors and committee members.

Accredited courses offered locally, at affordable prices, cater to those upgrading work-based skills, those seeking to gain entry to the workforce and the unemployed. Individual tuition and small classes offer a chance to gain the confidence to embark on a life of learning for those unsuccessful at school and early school leavers. Challenging opportunities are provided for learning that are not workbased.

LLP provides short term low cost flexible child care, extension programs and opportunities for carers/parents Access to the "virtual campus" and improved Information Technology capacity ensures that there is a local focus for all residents, small business starters and providers. An increasing number of youth, and early school leavers requiring a non formal learning environment will find increasing opportunities

Such a diverse community organisation enables cost efficiencies. More importantly it ensures that through networking the non-duplication of services is monitored for the benefit of the whole community. LLP is ideally located in the CbD not a residential area, and thus is able to provide for the whole of Cardinia and beyond.

LLP is an OTTE Registered training Organisation and Human Services provider of Neighbourhood Activities and Childcare.

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Offered through

Living and Learning Inc