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Wordpress Security Audit - Is your website safe?

Wordpress Security Audit - Hack-Proof your Website


Subject: Security

Wordpress Hacker, Virus and Spam Protection

This course takes you through step-by-step how to find security risks in your wordpress site and then how to hack-proof your site by fixing the most important security vulnerabilities and protecting your site from hackers, spammers and bad bots. Every little step you take to protecting yourself makes it that much more difficult for hackers and spammers to crack your website.

Wordpress Backup Protection (Optional Bonus)

Every person that purchases this course will also get a free copy of "Backup Buddy" (Value $75) installed and configured by WebWooky to backup your entire site monthly and your database weekly to a destination of your choice (FTP or Email). You also will have an option for the added extra protection of cloud backups either hosted by yourself, Amazon S3, Dropbox, or alternatively by us for a monthly fee.

Wordpress Security Training

In addition to the above, you will also learn how to ensure your blog is kept up-to-date, how to secure your logins, how to hide the ability to login completely if you are away, how to run a virus scan on your site, which extra plugins to install for security protection, which security plugins "NOT" to install, and a wordpress security checklist.

Unless you have specifically asked your website developer to enable security on your Wordpress site, most likely you are already vulnerable to hacking and spamming.

By default, wordpress is...

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Unless you have specifically asked your website developer to enable security on your Wordpress site, most likely you are already vulnerable to hacking and spamming.

By default, wordpress is not secure - and your site being attacked can happen to you so easily these days - many of the vulnerabilities now are exploited automatically, they don't care who you are - they don't even know who you are - there are bots that do nothing but scan the internet, looking for these open holes and then attacking automatically, infecting your site with viruses, trojans, redirecting them to affiliate sites or porn sites, and this is just the bots..

... let alone the bored kids out there who are doing it for fun or the corrupt desperate people living in countries where they feel they need to do this to earn a living.

Fixing a hacked site is an absolute time-consuming pain in the butt - in fact, it's usually better to just start-again from scratch than have to scan every file looking for and removing the offending code, and in the meantime, Google can take your site offline as being "unsafe", stopping all your visitors from coming to the site and losing credibility and installing fear in your customers.

In the case of Wordpress security - it's just better to be as protected as you can be, "BEFORE" you have to learn the hard way of the "I wish I had've... "

Backing up your site on a regular basis is also extremely important, with new viruses and vulnerabilities developing all the time, even the most hack-proofed site could be vulnerable again tomorrow or with the installation of a poorly developed plugin or not keeping your wordpress files up-to-date, as well as relying on hard drives sometimes hundreds or thousands of miles away, etc. Having a recent backup of your site can save you weeks of downtime and thousands of dollars in missed business.

If you had to pay someone an hourly wage to fix a hacked site, it will literally cost you thousands of dollars - fixing a hacked site is not a "quick job", a minimum of a weekend for a small website, and I hate to imagine how long it would take to fix a large site or a site with ecommerce. The best thing you can do is secure your wordpress sites as much as possible so that you don't lose all your hard work and learn the lesson the hard way.

I am offering this course after noticing that most of my new clients sites weren't protected from hackers, I was shocked and utterly mortified to find that even the most obvious (to me) vulnerabilities (such as having your username as "admin" - Yikes!) were still so very common out there and that most likely 90% of all wordpress installs were not protecting themselves against hackers that are so common thesedays. Don't lose your business because you think everything is ok because "it hasn't happened to you yet" - that's what everyone says until the day comes that they are hacked - it's just not worth the risk.

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This session is taught online


This is a self paced course. The course coordinator will contact you shortly after your enrollment to help you get started.


Location notes:

This is one-on-one training via Skype (you will need a free skype account plus a headset and microphone).

For your free bonus copy of Backup Buddy, I will need adminstrator access to your server - both ftp and wordpress. (As I have a developer licence of Backup Buddy, I need to access your site in order to make your site licenced).
If you are not comfortable with that (you are, afterall, taking a security course, so it's perfectly understandable!), you may purchase a copy of Backup Buddy and I will help you with the installation via skype. Or alternative #3 = There are free wordpress plugins that will just backup the database (without full site) which I can help you setup.


  • 1:1 / Private Lessons

Price: $249.00


The teachers

WebWooky is dedicated to helping businesses use powerful new online marketing platforms to get more visibility, traffic...

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WebWooky is dedicated to helping businesses use powerful new online marketing platforms to get more visibility, traffic, leads, customers and raving fans. We're big on "Marketing Shortcuts" - our motto is "Leverage your Marketing - Reach MORE customers with LESS effort" and our promise is "All the marketing you need and none that you don't". That means we don't provide "filler" content - we teach what works and what you absolutely must know in order to market your business online.

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