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Short Course in Share Trading


Subject: Finance

Module 1 - Market Analysis Tools

Market Efficiency Understanding technical analysis Understanding fundamental analysis Key trading strategies Key elements of a successful trading plan Trading software Setting up a trading account Using leverage to trade

Module 2 - Chart Analysis

Analysing price based data Bar analysis Volume analysis Analysing bar charts Analysing candlestick charts Analysing Gann swing charts

Module 3 - Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis Techniques for identifying peaks and troughs Techniques for buying and selling Back testing and techniques for determining your overall profitability

Learn to trade the share market with experts who walk the talk....

If you are looking for an education in the stock market that will deliver results, than look no further!

As a stand...

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Learn to trade the share market with experts who walk the talk....

If you are looking for an education in the stock market that will deliver results, than look no further!

As a stand alone course, the self contained Short Course in Share Trading covers all the essentials required to trade the share market, safely and confidently. With comprehensive support, the course has been designed for students who want to learn how to profitably trade the share market.

And if peace of mind is what you are after, you can rest assured that the strategies we teach work as they are the exact same strategies we use to manage millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. With a proven track record spanning over more than 6 years in both bull and bear markets, we guarantee you that the techniques and strategies taught will provide you with the knowledge and skill to competently and confidently trade the share market.

Invest in Knowledge

The course is suitable for anyone:

- actively managing their Self-managed super fund
- wanting to trade for additional income or to replace their income
- new to the share market wanting to learn proven techniques and strategies

OR a professional seeking:

- to work in areas such as stock broking and financial advisory roles
- a career change and aspiring to work in the finance and investment industry
- a professional servicing the finance and investment industry

At the completion of the short course you will:

- Have a workable profitable trading plan
- Understand and know how to use technical and fundamental analysis
- Understand how to analyse and use bar, candlestick, and Gann swing charts
- Know how to analyse volume to understand the market sentiment
- Understand trends and safely use trend trading methodologies to profit from the market
- Understand a variety of entry and exit trading techniques and know which ones to use for different stocks
- Be able to implement and act on money management rules to protect your capital
- Have the tools and ratios required to determine your overall profitability
- Trade over the short, medium and long term
- Understand how to trade in bull and bear markets

Plus a whole lot more that will ensure you achieve your financial goals.

Protect and secure your financial future:

Presented in a simple and effective manner that delivers results, the Short Course in Share Trading demystifies the stock market, teaching you techniques and strategies you can use immediately, thus enabling you to take control of your financial future.

Designed and taught by investment professionals with over 30 years combined experience in the stock market, every strategy has been tested and refined over many years to ensure your success is guaranteed. With audited returns in excess of 20% you can rest assured you will learn proven techniques and strategies that will give you the confidence to safely and profitably trade the share market.

If you don't like gambling with your money and you want to take the risk out of the share market to build sustainable long term wealth, then look no further!.

YOU will gain the knowledge and confidence to achieve your financial goals.

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This session is taught online


This is a self paced course. The course coordinator will contact you shortly after your enrollment to help you get started.




With VET FEE-HELP you can now enrol and pay later.

The teachers

Investing in your future has never been so easy!
Choose Wealth Within for your Share Trading Education  see more

Investing in your future has never been so easy!
Choose Wealth Within for your Share Trading Education 
With so much hype surrounding the share market, Wealth Within has raised the bar in the industry to set quality standards in the level of education being delivered.
The Wealth Within Institute is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 21917), and a leading provider of accredited professional education and continuing professional development through its specialist courses in share trading and investment. Our Diploma accredited courses are recognised nationally and internationally. We guarantee that the education you receive is of the highest standard. Our courses developed in close collaboration with our network of industry practitioners and experts deliver a range of professional share trading courses to students worldwide.
The benefit to you is that we guarantee you the highest quality share trading education available in Australia today. It also means that our courses are independent evidence that you will be competent in the techniques and strategies taught.
Our goal has been to ensure our clients receive the correct knowledge and skill using a proven and tested investment strategy to directly and confidently invest in the share market.
We have to proudly say that the majority of our clients have achieved just that – although full credit goes to them because as the saying goes, ‘the teacher arrives when the student is ready’.
While expertise takes time to acquire, studying the share market with Wealth Within means you will develop the right skills and knowledge in a supportive environment whilst working with experts in their field. Courses available are:

                               Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (Course Code 69793)
                               Short Course in Share Trading
                               Contracts for Difference


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