Safe driving tips

Posted by Razeb Hasan on December 07, 2014

Sometimes driving good is not enough to save yourself from an accident. Especially when the fault is someone else's. Here are some safe driving tips that might come handy.



  1. Anticipating other drivers move 

It is observing other drivers.  Most of the time by seeing the movement of other cars, you can tell what the driver is going to do. This anticipation could help you prepare for any situation.


2. Keep calm when facing aggression 

We often face aggression from other drivers. Sometimes big truck might stalk you or young driver teasing you overtaking. You must keep yourself calm. If you loose temper, you might end up loosing your life.


3. Avoid sudden movement

Make yourself predictable to other drivers. Do not change lane or turn suddenly. Make sure you give other drivers enough time to prepare.


4. Careful about common driving mistakes

What are common driving mistakes? Changing lane without signal, turn without signal, drive faster in the yellow light, making a three point turn where it is illegal and so on. If your are aware of common mistakes, you can protect yourself.


5. You are responsible for your own safety 

You must not expect everybody on the road are good drivers and will follow the rules. Most of the time accidents happen where somebody has broken the rules. Prepare yourself for anything on the road. Make sure you do not compromise your safety.


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