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Firewalking In Brisbane - Satori Education
Firewalking In Brisbane

What is NLP

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a behavioural technology or methodology used to allow rapid human change. It is a set of attitudes and principals which when adopted permits an individual to quickly shift to solution focused states of mental, emotional and physical being. It allows human growth and awareness within every life experience permitting a positive outlook on all experiences.

Why NLP and what will it give me?

  1. The ability to maximise your potential and increase results in any area of your life.
  2. Tools to understand yourself and others to communicate more effectively.
  3. It will increase your awareness towards the body language of those around you.
  4. An understanding of how we can create instant and lasting rapport & maintain important relationships.
  5. The ability to assist family, friends, colleagues and clients to change disempowering behaviours and habits and foster a solution focused outlook on life.
  6. It will expand your capacity to seek out resources outside of your current awareness
  7. Improve your concentration and focus
  8. Increase your ability to learn more and open doors to infinite opportunity.
  9. Enable you with the tools and strategies to make rapid positive changes in your own behaviour.
  10. Give you the tools to effectively handle negative experiences, eliminate fear, phobias, stress, guilt, anxiety, depression and other unwanted negative emotions.

NLP in Personal development: Imagine having the tools to change any behaviour any habit and any negative emotion. Your life truly becomes your own and your ability to press forward with a consistent solution focused attitude is one of the first things you will learn. As if that isn’t life changing enough, your insight and awareness pertaining to your potential and how to embrace it is also part of the NLP journey.

NLP in Personal counselling: Counsellors love the speed at which NLP provides results for their clients. There is no need to spend weeks, months and years delving into history and problems when you use the tools of NLP. Change is rapid and uninvasive. Clients are guided by the therapist to reach their own solutions through artful linguistics causing them to break through psychological, mental and emotional blocks as if it were magic. Phobias, unwanted habits, disempowering behaviours and negative emotions can all be eliminated in a fraction of the time it would normally take without these tools.

NLP in Family counselling: Since ineffective communication is often the catalyst for family dispute, NLP becomes the perfect bridge for resolving conflict. It opens clients up to perspectives that allow them to dissolve issues within moments. It places emphasis on solution focused thinking and provides systematic solutions to build rich and lasting relationships.

NLP in organisational Development, Management and Entrepreneurs: Gone are the days of “From The top Down” management, enter a managerial style that paves the way for creating positive directed change and collaborative solution focus. With an emphasis on leadership skills through artful communication, NLP in management is a modern day must. Your negotiation skills and problem solving ability are enhanced and sharp with the use of NLP attitude and language patterns.
NLP in Sales and Marketing: Something that is still missing in sales training today is the art of building rapport. Without this skill your sales team are only performing at a small percentage of their potential. What a waste! Strong communication skills and a deep understanding of how people process information will set your sales team ahead of your competitors guaranteed!

NLP in Education: What is the one thing that a large percentage of our young population is missing today? Accountability! NLP gives you the content, the language and the skills to give this back. With insight into how to completely shift conditioned thinking, you will be armed with the ability to truly make a difference to the lives of our youth. Perceived afflictions such as ADD, Learning Disabilities, Low Self Esteem, Anger Issues and Fear can all be improved or eliminated by using NLP techniques. You will possess the technology to increase your student’s grades and shift their belief systems enhancing their performance and overall confidence.

NLP in Sports: Ever heard the affirmation, “If you can see it in your mind you can produce it in your body.” This is the basis of sports psychology. NLP gives you the tools to assist sports performers to operate at their peak every time and produce outstanding results. NLP trainers and coaches are now common amongst elite athletes as they understand that sport is primarily won in the mind before it is manifested in the physical body.

NLP in Creativity: If you are currently working in this field or thinking of venturing into it, consider this… Have you ever asked the question, “Where does creativity come from?” If you haven’t asked yourself of this or found the answer or both, you are going to love what NLP can do to help you to enhance your creative juices. The seed of creativity resides at the subconscious level and as NLP teaches you the science behind the science of both the conscious and the subconscious mind, you will be armed with the ability to call upon all the creative inspiration you’ll ever need to create your dreams of art, performance, wealth, business, adventure and the list goes on…
Applications of NLP in:

  • Business
  • Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Relationships
  • Health

In Business you can use NLP to Master language & communication! You’ll learn how to:

  • Read and lead people
  • Resolve conflict
  • Master the art of communication
  • Influence and inspire
  • Manage state control
  • Deal with difficult situations gracefully
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Empower staff and colleagues
  • Model behaviours and skills of your mentors and role models
  • Eliminate fears and self imposed limitations
  • Enhance your sales performance
  • Clearly identify and obtain your career goals
  • Assist others to transform their thinking
  • Build instant and lasting rapport
  • Improve important relationships
  • Eliminate Stress

In Personal Development you can use NLP to re-design your life! You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognise and resolve unresolved issues
  • Release negative emotion
  • Overcome personal challenges
  • Regain control of your life
  • Eliminate stress, anxiety and anger
  • Become solution focused
  • Take your life to the next level
  • Understand yourself and how your mind works
  • Understand others and their behaviours
  • Enhance love and respect for yourself
  • Identify you life’s purpose
  • Take the steps to creating the future you desire
  • Eliminate unwanted behaviours
  • Gain the body and health you desire
  • Understand the importance of values and beliefs and align
  • Use language effectively to get the results you want
  • Understand children and improve your parenting skills
  • Improve your relationships
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Gain motivation and keep it

In relationships you can use NLP to create the perfect relationships! You’ll learn how to:

  • Love and respect yourself
  • Eliminate past negative emotion
  • Turn past experiences into valuable life lessons
  • Use your past to empower yourself and your future
  • Let go of being the victim
  • Attract your dream partner
  • Enhance current relationships
  • Improve your self esteem and self image
  • Build instant and lasting rapport
  • Use language artfully to diffuse conflict
  • Take ownership and accountability
  • Live a life without blame, reasons and excuses
  • Communicate to your children in their language

In health you can use NLP to heal yourself from emotional, mental and physical stress, illness and disease! You’ll learn how to:

  • Heal yourself
  • Heal others
  • Understanding the cause of illness and disease
  • Be accountable
  • Change unwanted habits and behaviours
  • Eliminate Chronic Pain
  • Give up smoking
  • Access Resourceful states of emotion
  • Understand the mind body connection

Who should learn and use NLP?

  • Managers and Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Sales people
  • Trainers and Educators
  • Coaches
  • Counsellors
  • Medical and Mental Health Professionals
  • Athletes
  • Entertainers
  • Artists
  • Parents

Where did NLP originate from?

Around 1975 Richard Bandler a mathematician realised that he had a gift which allowed him to model and replicate the behaviours and skills of other people. John Grinder was a Linguist at the time and he decided to join Bandler in finding the answer to the questions, “What is excellent behaviour and how is that excellent behaviour produced? How do I take that behaviour and transfer it across to myself so that I can then produce those same results?” It was from here that the notion of NLP being an attitude and a methodology was born. The entire modelling process that Bandler and Grinder had created was originally modelled from the great Fritz Pearls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson.

NLP in essence is about being able to make that magical change in behaviour simply through the language and images we use. It’s an attitude of curiosity and a wanting to know what goes on BEHIND what goes on.

In order for the modelling process to be successful it is necessary for the expert being modelled to know how they produce a certain behaviour or skill. Most people who are experts at what they do, don’t know how they do it, they have become so good at it that they just do it. This is called ‘Unconscious Competence’ and this simply means they no longer need to pay conscious attention to how they do what they do so well. NLP offers a myriad of techniques and strategies which permit you to break down an expert behaviour/skill into manageable chunk sizes, small enough and simple enough to transfer or teach to somebody else. This break down of information includes beliefs, values, visual images, physiology and much more.

Essentially what this says is, anybody has the capacity to replicate the results of somebody else in a fraction of the time, when they understand the process of modelling. It also allows people to adopt or eliminate behaviours as desired simply through the use of artful language. Consider this for a second. Have you ever seen or been responsible for influencing somebody to completely shift their thinking and their emotional state just through something you’ve said? NLP gives you the understanding and the tools to do this in any situation.
NLP gives you the insight and tools to improve your life in all areas including health, finance, career, relationships, spirituality, personal development and family. As you learn about NLP you adopt a set of disciplines and beliefs that effectively empower you and increase choice and possibility in your life. You’ll notice that all the answers reside within you and your resources to solutions and life’s desires are limitless.

NLP tools and skills can be applied to a wide range of professional and person fields including sport, education, business, coaching, therapy, health, wealth creation, personal development, parenting, well being, relationships or any other field you have the capacity to experience in life. It is a methodology and attitude intended to be used to embrace accountability and ownership of all life experiences and places you at the helm of your ship.

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