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Melbourne NLP Training

Posted by Be Brilliant Now on July 07, 2011

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) gives you practical tools to reclaim your power, transforming the way you think and act. Next course starts soon. Join us at our Internationally Certified Practitioner Trainings held in Melbourne Australia. Our lifetime...

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    • Adam Cunningham
    • Posted by Adam Cunningham on July 08, 2011
    • Julie, what a great video. You seem to be walking proof of you're own philosophy of being brilliant now! I must say your energy is infectious. I don't know a lot about NLP, however you certainly have me interested in finding out about it now ;o)

      Well done

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Firewalking In Brisbane - Satori Education

Posted by Satori Education on March 07, 2011

Firewalking In Brisbane - Satori Education
Firewalking In Brisbane

What is NLP
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a behavioural technology or methodology used to allow rapid human change. It is a set of attitudes and principals which when adopted permits an individual to quickly shift to solution focused states of mental, emotional and physical being. It allows human growth and awareness within every life experience permitting a positive outlook on all experiences.
Why NLP and what will it give me?

The ability to maximise your potential and increase results in any area of your life.
Tools to understand yourself and others to communicate more effectively.
It will increase your awareness towards the body language of those around you.
An understanding of how we can create instant and lasting rapport & maintain important relationships.
The ability to assist family, friends, colleagues and clients to change disempowering behaviours and habits and foster a solution focused outlook on life.
It will expand your capacity to seek out resources outside of your current awareness
Improve your concentration and focus
Increase your ability to learn more and open doors to infinite opportunity.
Enable you with the tools and strategies to make rapid positive changes in your own behaviour.
Give you the tools to effectively handle negative experiences, eliminate fear, phobias, stress, guilt, anxiety, depression and other unwanted negative emotions.

NLP in Personal development: Imagine having the tools to change any behaviour any habit and any negative emotion. Your life truly becomes your own and your ability to press forward with a consistent solution focused attitude is one of the first things you will learn. As if that isn’t life changing enough, your insight and awareness pertaining to your potential and how to embrace it is also part of the NLP journey.
NLP in Personal counselling: Counsellors love the speed at which NLP provides results for their clients. There is no need to spend weeks, months and years delving into history and problems when you use the tools of NLP. Change is rapid and uninvasive. Clients are guided by the therapist to reach their own solutions through artful linguistics causing them to break through psychological, mental and emotional blocks as if it were magic. Phobias, unwanted habits, disempowering behaviours and negative emotions can all be eliminated in a fraction of the time it would normally take without these tools.
NLP in Family counselling: Since ineffective communication is often the catalyst for family dispute, NLP becomes the perfect bridge for resolving conflict. It opens clients up to perspectives that allow them to dissolve issues within moments. It places emphasis on solution focused thinking and provides systematic solutions to build rich and lasting relationships.
NLP in organisational Development, Management and Entrepreneurs: Gone are the days of “From The top Down” management, enter a managerial style that paves the way for creating positive directed change and collaborative solution focus. With an emphasis on leadership skills through artful communication, NLP in management is a modern day must. Your negotiation skills and problem solving ability are enhanced and sharp with the use of NLP attitude and language patterns. NLP in Sales and Marketing: Something that is still missing in sales training today is the art of building rapport. Without this...

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Tags: personal development, nlp

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Are you turning your prospects, leads and enquiries into customers?

Posted by Qt on March 08, 2011

By Dr. Vesna Grubacevic
Would you like to have more customers, greater consistency in your sales and cashflow?  Are you afraid of getting a “no” and being rejected when you ask a potential customer for their business? 
The key to your business success lies in your ability to effectively promote yourself and your business, which includes overcoming your fears of getting a “no” and learning how to sell yourself and your products, services and skills with integrity.  Here are seven ways you can turn your prospects, leads and enquiries into customers.
1.    Abundance versus scarcity
Creating abundance begins with your thinking.  You may have amazing business building strategies, yet if your mindset is one of lack (including lack of self belief), it will prevent you from applying the skills you know, leaving your business in the same financial situation or worse.  Having your beliefs and values aligned with abundance will enable you to develop an attraction mindset so that you can attract even more customers. 
2.    Watch your assumptions
What are you thinking and saying to yourself as you meet with prospects?  Are you thinking that they are not interested in your products, services and ideas or are you questioning the value you offer?  Research has shown that 80% of the people that walk into your store, call you on the phone or email you have already imagined owning a product or...

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How to Stop Disagreements with NLP Techniques

Posted by Qt on March 08, 2011

By Dr. Vesna Grubacevic
When was the last time you had a misunderstanding or a disagreement with someone, either personally or professionally?  How much did that misunderstanding or miscommunication cost you in lost time, effort, energy, rework, duplication or a soured relationship?  Would you like to discover how you can stop such costly communication and, instead, communicate with impact?
Here are five ways that you can improve your personal and professional communication with others by using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques.
1.   Build instant rapport – Instantly create a feeling of trust and familiarity with anyone you meet, within seconds of meeting them.  While there are several NLP techniques you can use, a simple way to do this is to observe, then to subtly match or copy their posture ie. how they sit or stand.  This will allow the rest of your communication to be that much more effective because people who are like each other, like each other.
2.   Respect the other person’s views and beliefs - Each one...

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Successfully Stop Sabotaging your Success!

Posted by Qt on March 08, 2011

By Dr. Vesna Grubacevic
Would you like to successfully stop sabotaging your success once and for all?  Do you or someone you know have a pattern of:

injury, accidents, getting regular colds or experiencing ill health;
attracting the same types of relationships that you don’t want;
beating up on yourself or putting yourself down;
missing out on promotions or not progressing in your career;
not attracting enough customers or making enough money in business;
attracting underperforming staff or having high staff turnover;
lacking clarity, passion or direction, personally or professionally?

There are five sure-fire ways to sabotage your success:
1.    Lack of clarity: Without clarity there can be confusion and lots of purposeless action.  Not knowing what you really want leads to scattered thinking and results in scattered action.  Instead, create a clear vision and goals which...

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Be Brilliant Now - The Power Of NLP!

Posted by Be Brilliant Now on July 06, 2011

"To desire is to expect; to expect is to achieve"Have you ever repeatedly done something that hurt or limited you and wondered why you continue to do the same thing time and again? Or perhaps you produce successful results in your career and wonder why it's so easy when your finances, health or personal relationships are in disarray?2011 is your year to understand and implement how you can tap into your full potential and inner brilliance by harnessing the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).NLP helps you to understand how and why you think the way you think. It teaches you to notice patterns about how you communicate. Explains how you specifically process that information giving you incredible insight into why you act and react differently to certain situations and events. We'll also give you the techniques and skills to...

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