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Dogs & Kids Program

Morningside, QLD

Subject: Dog Training

Kids love to have us around, but sometimes they just need to be shown how to interact and play with us so we both have a safe and fun time!

In this 5 week program, Ziggy teaches children how to interact appropriately with their K9 buddy in a fun environment. By focusing on the child and providing them with information they can easily understand, this program will improve your child’s confidence with their dog and other dogs in the community.

We recommend this program particularly for children under 10 years of age.


Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class.


1 to 10 year olds


Morningside, QLD

Willing to travel


  • 1:1 / Private Lessons

Skill level



The teachers

Ziggy's TLC was founded in Brisbane in 1999 and is now recognised as one of the leading pet dog training groups in Queensland...

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Ziggy's TLC was founded in Brisbane in 1999 and is now recognised as one of the leading pet dog training groups in Queensland.

Whilst offering a comprehensive and innovative range of professional dog training programs, we specialise in puppy programs, K9 interaction and private tuition. Our programs are based on coaching owners to understand their K9 buddy as an individual which allows all other training needs to follow.

Ziggy encourages you to contact her personally so that she can help to develop a training program that guarantees the best results in a fun and enjoyable learning environment.

The Ziggy’s TLC team consists of Ziggy, myself (Jack) and my K9 family Darcy + Dakota. Lina is in the office and assists with administrative work and together we offer a highly motivated, personalised, hands-on and genuinely caring service.

Our Philosophy

Ziggy’s TLC has been founded on the strong belief that great human/dog bonds are developed through mutual trust , respect and understanding. So, when you think about it, having a relationship with your dog is no different to any other relationship – they are all built on trust, respect and communication!

Ziggy believes that when a dog/human bond is strong and healthy, a dog can live a fulfilling and happy life. Ziggy’s motivation is to help dog owners to understand this and work towards achieving these bonds. Every other training need will then easily follow!

At Ziggy’s TLC we honor and respect each K9 and their family as individuals and this philosophy is our common driving force.

Our Training Technique

Our programs are developed on the principles of Reward Based Training. This training is scientifically proven to be positive and the most effective training method which fully respects your K9 buddy.

Ziggy’s TLC also acknowledges the importance of respecting and understanding our emotions. Dogs are emotional beings just like humans, so it is important that our emotional and physical needs are met before any training program can be successful. It is for this reason that if necessary, Ziggy’s TLC provides a range of supplementary services such as Tellington TTouch therapy and Bach and Bush Flower remedies.

These services are all tailored to your individual needs, where each Bach or Bush Flower Remedy is specifically made to address your dogs' emotional needs. Whether your dog requires a Bach or Bush Flower remedy will depend upon their emotional state and requirements. To find out more about these supplementary services, click onto our FAQ's!

Remember - your K9 buddy is our motivation!

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Ziggy's TLC