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Pilates beginners course

Moonee Ponds, VIC

Subject: Pilates

Pilates beginners course

Theory and principles of Pilates will be followed by a progressive practice of the fundamental postures and techniques which lead to increased core strength, iimproved posture, and smooth flowing movement.


Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class.


Moonee Ponds, Melbourne.
Gladstone St
Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039
Location notes:

Gladstone Street. Across from Safeway car park.


  • Workshop

Skill level


Price: $108.00



Includes one session per week for six weeks.

The teachers


Yoga 2000 was formed by Michael Alder in 2000 after approximately 15 years of experience of many different...

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Yoga 2000 was formed by Michael Alder in 2000 after approximately 15 years of experience of many different traditions of yoga, from the intensely physical to the purely spiritual, with variations which encompassed most of the original teachings from about 2000 years ago to those which are centered around one particular aspect, such as the asanas or postures, which whilst being an excellent way in which to improve flexibility strength and stamina, are lacking in some of the other important benefits which yoga can deliver.

One could spend a lifetime studying the many interpretations of yoga which have developed from the original texts but the large proportion is neither relevant to our western lifestyle nor to the 21st century with the wealth of scientific knowledge of anatomy, physiology, medicine, psychology, and even para-psychology.

Yoga 2000 seeks to deliver only that which is relevant and has proven benefits, either physically or mentally, whilst not neglecting some of the mystical which cannot be refuted by current knowledge.

It is important to remember that Yoga is not a cult or a religion and does not purport to tell us how to conduct our life, despite many claims to the contrary based upon the primitive and often na�ve 2000 year old texts.

IYENGAR Yoga makes use of a number of props to enable the experience of a posture and allow precise alignments to be made when the body has not yet achieved the flexibility or strength to achieve an unsupported position.

We have the full range of props and accessories for sale, such as mats, bolsters, belts, eye covers, and also a range of tapes and books.

The benefits of yoga are available to people of any age or fitness level and do not preclude those with disabilities or injuries, however, it is important to let the instructor know of any� initial conditions or new injuries or change in circumstances such as becoming pregnant so that appropriate attention can be given.

Yoga should never be treated as anything other than a great way to stay fit and healthy and in control of your life.

At the same time you can socialize and have fun.

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Offered through

Yoga 2000