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Spreadsheets explained...

Posted by EasyPC Training on October 24, 2011

What is a spreadsheet?
A spreadsheet is a rectangular table or grid used for organising and analysing data arranged in rows and columns. Data can be entered, edited, manipulated and stored as text or numbers. Data can be used in complex calculations, graphical chart creation or analysis.
Some common Excel terms
Worksheet - a single spreadsheet Workbook - a single file containing a collection of one or more worksheets (up to 255). Cell - a box where a row and column meet, into which data is input. Each cell has a different name, derived from the column and row in which it is contained. The cell name is displayed in the Name box Active...

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Finding your way around Excel...

Posted by EasyPC Training on October 24, 2011

Opening Excel
There are several ways to open an Excel workbook, depending on whether you want to open a new workbook or an existing workbook.
Opening Excel from the Start Menu
     1. Click on Start > All Programs > Microsoft (Office) Excel       2. Click on Microsoft Excel shortcut on Desktop
Opening an existing Excel workbook
Double click on the workbook from My Documents / My Computer window.
The Excel screen
Depending on your computer's settings, you may see the Excel Task Pane appear on the right side of the Excel screen.
If the default settings have not been changed, then you would also see that the new workbook contains 3 blank worksheets and 2 toolbars at the top of the screen; the Standard toolbar and the Formatting toolbar.
Worksheets contain Toolbars and Menus, as in all Microsoft Office products, that contain commands to tell the program what you want it to do.
Standard Microsoft Office Menus:


 Additional Excel menus


 Accessing commands from the menu
     1. Click on a menu name      2. Click on required command (you may need to click on to view all commands)
Toolbars are just another way of accessing commands. Each button (icon) on a toolbar represents a different command. When these buttons are clicked the command is run.
Shortcut Keys
Shortcut keys allow you to...

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