Inspiration and perspiration

Posted by Debra Clayton on July 05, 2011

How do you measure inspiration and perspiration so that you achieve the right balance?

When you are inspired do you take action?

This morning I woke up and began contemplating what my words of encouragement might contain this month.  June has been an extremely hectic month for me as my business is beginning to grow and I have committed to running courses 4 nights a week starting at the end of July. So as you can imagine there has been much planning, marketing and organising to get done.

During this time of contemplation the word Inspiration magically appeared in my head.  That is exactly what I needed some inspiration! Then it occurred to me that I had been very inspired the past few months but I had also been putting in a lot of perspiration.

I had been so focused on my inspiration that my family was feeling neglected and this caused me stress, distraction and frustration. I wondered whether it was all worth it because I was finding it so hard to get the balance right.

What do you do with your inspiration? Do you take action, let the inspiration slowly fade away, or do you hold on to it waiting for the right time?

Here are a few strategies you can implement to help you take action on your inspirations and assimilate them into your life so that you can achieve the right balance:

1.       Listen to your heart and your head, if this is something you want to try and do then don’t let other people dishearten you or put you down.

2.      Plan for the time you need to put into the inspiration, remember if you are already time poor then it is not going to happen if you don’t plan for it in your schedule.

3.      Let other people in your life know that you will be allocating a certain amount of time to your inspiration each day, week or month and that they need to respect that this time will be dedicated to you.

4.      When you are focused on your inspiration let this time be completely for that and let go of the other things that are mulling around in your mind they can wait because this is planned time for you.

5.      Plan for time to increase over time should this be required and again let people know this is what is happening.

6.      Be realistic about the time you can spend on the inspiration so you don’t cause yourself stress or frustration. Short amounts of quality time are just as good as long amounts of distracted time.

Finally be fully aware that inspiration and perspiration on their own will cause disappointment and frustration but together can create miracles in your life.

I would love to hear from you, you can email me [email protected] Till next month - Debra


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