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Melbourne Pilates Classes
Explore local and online Pilates classes, events, and workshops

  • 11.

    Megan SayerRoberts

    No Reviews Yet


    1 session available for $15.00

    Dance is so much about core strength and we believe one of the best ways to achieve this is through the practice of Pilates – a body conditioning class…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 12.


    No Reviews Yet

    Mat Pilates for Beginners

    1 session available for $180.00

    Pilates matwork classes treat the body as an integrated whole to achieve a full body workout. With practise, the simultaneous stretching and strengthening…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 13.

    Aligned for Life Pilates

    No Reviews Yet

    Pregnancy & Postnatal Pilates

    Pregnancy & Postnatal Pregnancy The Pilates Method is one of the most suitable exercises during pregnancy. By strengthening the core of the body (dubbed…


  • 14.

    Melbourne Martial Arts Combat Centre

    No Reviews Yet


    Pilates The Pilates "method," as it is now known, is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility, strength, and body awarness, without necessarily…


  • 15.

    Centre For Mind Movement

    No Reviews Yet

    Group Reformer (Allegro)

    Specialised group classes using “mini reformers” - The ultimate in Pilates. This Group Pilates Reformer Class allows you to increase the strength, deepen…


    Other classes available from Centre For Mind Movement:

    Pilates Matclass

    Pre & Post Natal Group Class

    See 3 classes from Centre For Mind Movement »
  • 16.

    Fernwood Carlton

    No Reviews Yet


    Pilates Core strength workout, stretching and learning about postural awareness.


  • 17.

    Princes Hill Community Centre

    No Reviews Yet

    Pilates - Feel great before work!*** Level 1

    Instructor: Val Roberts Strengthen& Tone – Improve Mobility & Posture – Feel Stronger – Look Leaner!


  • 18.


    No Reviews Yet


    BEGINNERS PILATES Maximum 12 per class. Pilates is an exercise session in body awareness. In order to create any real change in your body. It’s important…


  • 19.

    Fitzroy Pilates Studio

    No Reviews Yet

    Post Natal Pilates

    Return to pre-pregnancy health and shape in peaceful surroundings and supportive company! Daytime sessions are available with childcare. Qualified professional…


  • 20.

    Fitwise Physiotherapy

    No Reviews Yet


    Complimentary Early Pregnancy Class Pregnancywise Growing a baby is hard work… and hard on your body! Come along to this COMPLIMENTARY class that will…


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Hi I was wondering how much are pilates classes if not a member of the gym ?
September 26, 2013
Felecity Hoof
I have listed my pilates classes for newport - local area and I come up on page 6 how can I improve this.
Felecity Hoof March 18, 2011

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