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Melbourne Personal Training Classes
Explore local and online Personal Training classes, events, and workshops

  • 1.

    Red Alligator Personal Training Studio

    Red Alligator Personal Training Studio
    4.0/5 stars
    1 1 review

    Personal Training

    1 session available

    Personal Training Red Alligator offers a variety of personal training packages specially designed to help you achieve all your health and fitness goals…

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

  • 2.

    Immortal Fitness Personal Training

    No Reviews Yet

    Personal Training

    16 sessions available ranging from $60.00 to $2,100.00

    We all share a unified training philosophy where our sessions consist of adventurous training techniques using new and innovative exercises that are fun…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 3.

    Next Phase Personal Training

    No Reviews Yet

    One on One Personal Training

    1 session available for $35.00

    One on one gives you the best opportunity to develop a good relationship with your trainer, and therefore get the most out of your session. By varying…

    Beginner, Intermediate | Accepts Enrollments

  • 4.


    No Reviews Yet

    Super Bonus for next term Bootcamp. 2 weeks Free!

    1 session available for $280.00

    You'll get a total of 16 sessions over 8 weeks including; Introductory Fortnight - training with our current Recruits then 6 further weeks of high…

    Accepts Enrollments

    See 7 classes from juggernautPT »
  • 5.

    That Guy PT

    No Reviews Yet

    Outsource Your Fitness - That Guy PT

    1 session available for $66.00

    Personal Training. Aimed at functional strength and posture while chaging lifestyle and eating habbits.

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 6.

    Mental Blank

    No Reviews Yet


    1 session available for $197.00

    The OP Success System is a comprehensive solution for OP success. It begins with a comprehensive personal evaluation of your personal situation. It…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 7.

    Serious Fitness

    No Reviews Yet

    Serious Results Package | Fitness Class

    1 session available

    So this is what you can expect to receive with our 12 Week SERIOUS RESULTS PROGRAMME • One on One Personal training sessions ( 3 sessions per week…

    Beginner, Intermediate | Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

  • 8.

    Platinum Personal Training Pilates Pole

    No Reviews Yet

    Platinum Personal Training Pilates & Pole Dancing

    1 session available for $44.00

    Platinum Personal Training is the way to get the results you're striving for. Our expert trainers work with you to set and achieve your goals, and will…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 9.

    john kurzac

    No Reviews Yet

    Compare Fitness Courses

    1 session available

    Find out the right online or physical class for you

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available | Online Session Available

  • 10.

    Healthy Switch

    No Reviews Yet

    Outdoor Personal Training

    Healthy Switch provides training equipment of equivalence to that found in a gym or studio (dumbbells, fitballs, balance domes, barbells, exercise mats…

    Beginner, Intermediate

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Personal Training Questions

Bron Rowe
Is this course still available? Cert 3/4 in personal training
Bron Rowe April 17, 2013
kiri jackson 2
how do i go about enrolling to do a course to become a personal trainer in mildura?& is it government funded?
kiri jackson 2 January 24, 2012

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