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Melbourne Guitar Classes
Explore local and online Guitar classes, events, and workshops

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    5.0/5 stars
    6 6 reviews

    Albion Guitar Tuition

    1 session available for $50.00

    Hi! I’m a guitar teacher from England, i’ve been a professional Guitar Teacher for 11 years, i’ve been playing Guitar for 21 years. I’ve played Guitar…

    Accepts Enrollments

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    Melbourne Guitar Lessons

    Melbourne Guitar Lessons
    5.0/5 stars
    1 1 review

    Melbourne Guitar Lessons

    2 sessions available ranging from FREE to $35.00

    Melbourne guitar lessons by a qualified and experienced guitar teacher for beginners, intermediate and advanced players including technique and music theory…

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

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    5.0/5 stars
    1 1 review

    10-Week Beginners Guitar Course

    1 session available for $400.00

    The course is a clear, concise way of learning and centres around the teachings of a weekly practise schedule. The course is structured to include all…

    Beginner | Accepts Enrollments

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    Lygon Music School

    No Reviews Yet

    Guitar (all forms) lessons

    1 session available

    All our music lessons at our Melbourne school are developed to suit the individual needs and goals of each student with the ages of our students ranging…

    Accepts Enrollments

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    No Reviews Yet

    Guitar For Songwriters

    1 session available for $99.00

    SongCity's Guitar For Songwriter's Workshop is designed for guitarists who write songs singers who accompany themselves on guitar songwriters who compose…

    Beginner | Accepts Enrollments

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    KATZMUSICdoMore Pro

    No Reviews Yet

    Beginner Guitar Course

    1 session available for $160.00

    Katzmusic beginner's guitar course is a 10 week guitar course covering the basics of playing guitar. This course is suitable for total beginners or intermediate…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 7.

    Melbourne Guitar Tuition

    No Reviews Yet

    Guitar Lessons - 1 HOUR

    8 sessions available starting from $40.00

    Learn to play guitar, bass and drums at Melbourne Guitar Tuition Lessons structured around what you need and want. Advanced technical results…

    Accepts Enrollments

    Other classes available from Melbourne Guitar Tuition:

    Guitar Lessons - 1/2 HOUR

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    Melbourne School of Electric Blues

    No Reviews Yet

    Rock and Blues Individual Guitar Lessons

    2 sessions available starting from FREE

    Individual lessons are the quickest way to learn with the best results. They are one hour long and can be taken weekly or fortnightly. Beginners start…

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

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    Justin Brown

    No Reviews Yet

    Learn to play guitar 10 wk intro course

    1 session available for $350.00

    A 10 week introduction to the guitar. The emphasis here is the actual learning of songs each one a natural development from the other from Pink Floyd…

    Beginner | Accepts Enrollments

  • 10.

    Greg Trotter

    No Reviews Yet

    Guitar lessons Melbourne, Brunswick

    1 session available for FREE

    Do you want to be able to play rock guitar straight away? Do you want to learn how to do great solos like your guitar heroes? Have you always wanted…

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

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