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Learn Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese with our Classes in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Melbourne - Flinders Lane

Melbourne, VIC

Subject: Chinese

Accelerated Learning methods and materials developed by Dr Moni Lai Storz with native speaking teachers trained by us.

We have classes in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Also, in London. Average class size is only 8 to 10 students. You do not have to wait till the start of each calendar year to start classes with us. All our classes commences at the start of each term including Beginners classes and there are 4 terms per year. You can attend classes in Melbourne, Sydney or London if you happen to be travelling.

ACCS has been the leading Chinese Centre for the past 20 years in Melbourne! Our teaching faculty has over 30 teachers – we are not dependent on only 1 or 2 teachers.

We have a complete curriculum to study Mandarin ranging from absolute beginner to advanced conversation levels including Chinese for Business. A total of 20 levels! Learn Chinese writing and conversation using a developmental but highly practical approach where students can focus only on conversation skills, if they choose to.

We are extremely well-priced This includes student books and CD’s (which you can import to your iphone or mp3 or use as a podcast)

We have concurrent classes at most levels giving you maximum flexibility in attendance. You can attend any available class each week or even repeat the same lesson, if you like. We seldom cancel classes due to insufficient students. Best of all, if you need to, we allow you to defer to the following term for a nominal deferment fee. Enrolling is an easy process and you can cancel out at anytime before classes begin without any penalty.

Learn Chinese without Tears

"ACCS have a fun and interactive approach to learning Chinese that makes it easy to learn and keeps you coming back for more...

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Learn Chinese without Tears

"ACCS have a fun and interactive approach to learning Chinese that makes it easy to learn and keeps you coming back for more. I can't believe how much I've learnt in a such a short period of time. I look forward to the classes every week."
Dominique Gamble

"You guys really provide the best customer service I've experienced so far with language courses!"

"I have enjoyed the classes and found the story telling, the music and the native speakers to be most useful. The suggestive element helped memorisation and motivation."
Ian Davidson

"Yes, I have enjoyed the Mandarin lessons and found most useful the story telling, explanations and listening to the teacher, particularly at the end of evening."
John Little

"I have learnt and recognised quite a number of chinese characters since the course and my conversation level is definitely on the improve."
Annie Chew

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Regular Date(s) & Time(s);


Ross House
247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Willing to travel up to 30 kilometers


  • 1:1 / Private Lessons,
  • Class / Group Sessions,
  • Workshop


For 20 hours of classes inclusive of student materials and GST.

The teachers