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Melbourne Boxing Classes
Explore local and online Boxing classes, events, and workshops

  • 1.

    Red Alligator Personal Training Studio

    Red Alligator Personal Training Studio
    4.0/5 stars
    1 1 review


    3 sessions available

    Boxing - A combination of core strength work, stamina and aerobic fitness. Non-threatening workout focusing on technique, agility and speed. Suitable…

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

  • 2.

    Team Adrenalin Fitness Centre

    No Reviews Yet

    Boxing And Fitness Classes

    1 session available for FREE

    Our boxing and fitness classes are high intensity, full body workouts that will keep you moving all the time. If you’re not punching the bags you’re squatting…

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

  • 3.


    No Reviews Yet

    Boxing Fitness

    10 sessions available

    A cardio fitness session that uses boxing gloves and focus pads. If you’re looking to increase your fitness, tone up and let out some frustration at the…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 4.

    Melbourne Martial Arts Combat Centre

    No Reviews Yet


    Boxing Traditional western boxing has proven to be a great way to get fit. Training in practical boxing is both stimulating as well as enjoyable for all…


  • 5.

    AikiCentre Melbourne

    No Reviews Yet

    Boxing for Fitness

    Boxing for Fitness @ Aiki-Centre Authentic, high energy group & personal training Want to gain the health and fitness benefits of boxing without hiring…


  • 6.

    North Melbourne Boxing and Fitness

    No Reviews Yet


    Using a variety of proven and effective training methods - focusing on hand & footwork skills, balance, coordination, speed & power, fitness and recovery…

    Free Session Available

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