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Melbourne Ballet Classes
Explore local and online Ballet classes, events, and workshops

  • 11.

    Victorian Ballet School

    No Reviews Yet

    Primary (Junior School) Ballet Class

    Primary (Junior School) Ballet Class Strict ballet training is not undertaken before the age of 10. Until this stage a child is not mentally or physically…

    4 to 9 year olds | Beginner

  • 12.

    Elanc Adult Ballet School Pty Ltd

    No Reviews Yet

    Ballet Class: Barre Plus

    Barre Plus A ballet class structured in the traditional manner, but does not contain the allegro (jumping) component. Ideal for students who are…


  • 13.

    Love to Dance School of Ballet

    No Reviews Yet

    Ballet - Royal Academy of Ballet (RAD)

    RAD is the largest classical examining body in the world. RAD comes from the British sytem of training and maintains quality standards across the globe…


  • 14.

    Dancentre At Bayside

    No Reviews Yet

    Classical Ballet Class

    Classical Ballet Class Celebrated for its grace and beauty, Classical Ballet is the traditional form of dance that evolved from the court dances of King…


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Ballet Questions

Rita Sterling 2
Adult Basic Ballet classes
Rita Sterling 2 July 25, 2014
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Are the age groups separated
January 31, 2012
do you know of any good ballet dance programs to do on the holidays?
Nina December 19, 2011

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