The Art Of Meditation

Posted by Salara Kalman on November 07, 2012

It is not about stilling the mind. It is not about emptying the mind.

It is much simpler than either of these.

It is not about breathing in the positive and breathing out the negative.

It is much easier than that.

It is about considering the idea that we have two minds.  

The ‘every day mind' which allows us to multi-task and predominantly keeps us “on the straight and narrow”, but is also the "monkey-mind" and it is  responsible for our scattered thinking!  

The other, and far more powerful is our  Soul Mind”.  When we connect with our soul mind, we can safely leave our everyday mind in our everyday bodies and journey into our souls. We can connect our soul hearts and feel the energy connection in the heart/mind loop.

This enables us to  “think our feelings and feel our thinkings.” 

Soul Journey Meditation is about Oneness.

It’s about connectedness. It's about the most powerful energy of all's about  LOVE - of self and ultimately LOVE of all equally. I believe we are all intuitive and through my gentle words and my ability to design meditative journeys to a deep inner stillness, I can create the mind/heart loop which leads to this Intuitive Self becoming potent within all who experience The Art of Meditation., and ultimately reaching the state of  ‘I AM’ Consciousness.

Join us on Soul Journeys and discover your true and find peace, love & harmony, for you are already perfect and deserving of all the universe has to offer....... 

As our mantra reminds us daily..... 

"Meditation is good for the Mind, Body,Soul and Spirit" 

Classes held Monday evenings at our beautiful Amethyst Cave. Commencing at 7pm, finishing usually around 9pm with tea/coffee and fellowship.

At just $20 per week, including your Meditation Journal on  your first visit, why not come along and join us? Bookings are not essential, we are here waiting for you.After learning how we meditate, you are invited to join one of our more advanced groups, if you wish. 

Love and Light,

Salara & Mark     


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