Minute Meditations

Posted by Melbourne Meditation Centre on January 12, 2011

Minute Meditations

One minute. That's all you need to take the sting out of stress. The following meditations can all be done in 60 seconds or less. Find the ones that work best for you, and adapt them freely to your needs - they can make a huge difference to the way you feel.

Sigh gently...

Take a nice slow, full breath, drawing oxygen deep into the lungs - then sigh gently as you exhale, watching the breath until it fades into stillness. Pause, savour the feeling and repeat if desired. Each time you do this see if you can notice something new about the breath.


is a great attitude. When you catch yourself complaining or being critical call to mind something you're thankful for - the first kiss your partner planted on your lips, an unexpected gift, a perfect sunny day. Relish the moment - you'll bring some of the memory into the present.


Take an inventory of all the sounds you can hear from where you sit. Traffic noise, birds chirping, office equipment humming, a snatch of conversation, the clatter of a keyboard, footsteps. Enjoy the ambient soundscape as you would your favourite song. Notice how the mind slows down and the body begins to relax as you do so.

The Snappy Snooze

Picture grandad asleep on the couch after Christmas lunch - body slumped, head lolling. Now let yourself do the same - imagine nodding off into a deep, relaxing sleep. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel after a sixty second snooze.

The 10 second ciggie

Imagine that you're sucking in air as a smoker would, drawing oxygen deep into the lungs with head tilted back and eyes closed. Enjoy the feeling of lungs filled with air then breathe out as though you slowly exhaling a thick blue plume of smoke.

The Face Lift

Staring at a screen all day, rarely seeing further than a few metres in any direction, concentrating for hours on end; the eyes can quickly turn into squinting slits of tension. To counter this stress bring your attention to the muscles around and behind the eyes and let them soften, along with the skin across the brow and the muscles of the jaw. Repeat at regular intervals.

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