dont stress, it's only UMAT!

Posted by umatTutor on February 21, 2013

UMAT could be a big scary test. If you let it be. Section 3 can be the hardest section, because it and nothing like it is usually taught in school. 

Think of these non-verbal reasoning questions in another way though.

Yes, they are basically IQ puzzles, which might make them sound a little scary still, but extract just the second word and what are they now?

Puzzles! Thats all they are. Puzzles! Treat them as such, have fun with them. Do them as your break from school study. Use them as a treat. Treat them as you would if you were little and just learning about the world. 

If they are just puzzles, how can they be scary?

Some puzzles every day, will send the UMAT your way!


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