Monday Classes- Social Ballroom Classes

Mcdowall, QLD

Subject: Ballroom Dancing

Social Ballroom classes for Intermediate to Advanced Dancers. Class starts at 8pm and finishes at 10pm. All styles including Modern, Old Time/ New Vogue,Modern Sequence and Latin are taught.

9 Mar Merrilyn : Modern Waltz
14 Mar Red Rose Saunter : Dance Practice
16 Mar Merrilyn : Cha Cha


Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class.


McDowall School Community Hall
Mcdowall, QLD 4053

Price: $14.00


The teachers

STARDUST DANCE CENTRE is run by Don and Dulcie Thompson. After competing for 18 years in both Adult and Senior grades...

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STARDUST DANCE CENTRE is run by Don and Dulcie Thompson. After competing for 18 years in both Adult and Senior grades we retired from competitive dancing and started STARDUST which is now in its thirteenth year of operation.

In 1983 we won the Australasian Senior New Vogue Championship in New Zealand and over the years either won or were placed in most of our graded events which we entered. We took Gold at the 1991 Third Australian Masters Ballroom Dancing Competition, the first Australian Masters Games to include Ballroom Dancing. We were prime movers in gaining this inclusion.

At the New York (USA) Ballroom Dancing Festival in 1994 we won the Showcase event - our own interpretation of dance – and were placed second and third in the other two events we entered. There were over 300 competitors at this Festival.

We are both professional massage therapists as well as holding University Of Queensland degrees with majors in Psychology and English Communications. This has given us an excellent advantage in understanding the concerns people have when beginning to learn to dance as well as allowing us to explain the body and muscular co-ordination required to achieve smoothness in dance.

We have established a very good following, particularly in our beginner classes, and appear to maintain a very high number of male dancers. Our teaching methods are non-threatening and ensure that people don’t feel ridiculed when they make the mistakes which are inevitable when first learning to dance.

Our many years of competitive coaching has enabled us to produce a very high standard with our medal classes. However, whether it be a social dance class or a medal class you still must have fun and enjoy doing it. The improvement you see in your dancing is the motivation you need to continue.

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