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levana vos

what qualifications do I need in massage to start my own buisness?

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Annie Annie

If your arilctes are always this helpful, "I'll be back."

Leena Leena

boris rules. i suggested this mohnts ago. he not only has relaxing voice but is one of the most prolific medical massage experts. he's the real deal too, always responds to posters on youtube. check out his video on cupping.


Unless you're a Doctor or engineer etc you don't need any qualifications to start your own business. Qualifications are for employees and people who don't believe in their own value. You just need guts and determination to make your dream happen. When you're up an running you can hire people with qualifications but as the boss you don't need them. You also need to develop high-level confidence so you can deal with rejection and failure. Social skills, personal presence and knowing how to give off attractive energy will give you an advantage over most others who do not possess these traits. In case you hadn't guessed my business is coaching in these things

lachlan fedele

You will need to do a diploma in remedial or sports massage depending on what type of massage you wanna do. Make sure you join the massage association to get your health fund rebate number & insurance.

The Gordon

Hi Levana, If you wish to get a Health Care Funding number so your clients can get a reimbursement you would need a Diploma level qualification, such as the Diploma of Remedial massage which we offer at The Gordon. Applications would open later this year for the 2013 intake. We also offer a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice which is currently open for applications until July 15. Please contact us if you would like further information. Kind regards, Naomi

ACVH College

Hello Levana, All you need to start your massage business is to complete the Certificate 1V in Massage Therapy Practice which we have available at our College (The Australian College of Vibrational Healing).The Massage course is run as a combination of Health Practitioner units such as Anatomy and Physiology and Practice Management offered as home study, and the hands-on massage training taught on-campus.
We are currently enrolling students for the massage training on the Peninsula for this year. if you choose to enrol we can arrange a payment plan so that you pay for your studies as you go.
You may have further questions so please feel free to contact us.
Regards, Maree


It will really depend on what you want to do once you are qualified.
The best thing to do would be to call the places that deliver the training so they can explain the different levels of qualifications.

Great White Sharks Swim School

You will need to do a diploma in remedial or sports massage depending on what type of massage you wanna do. Make sure you join the massage association to get your health fund rebate number & insurance.

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