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Chinese Language for Beginners

Posted by Asian Language School on January 12, 2018

Chinese Language for Beginners
Creative Commons Author Bairuilong

Standard Chinese is the official language in China, Taiwan, and Singapore. It is also considered to be one of the most useful foreign languages to learn today. Here is a brief introduction to the Chinese language.
1.     Chinese versus Mandarin
Chinese language contains many dialects, which includes Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Shanghainese (four out of eight major dialect groups in China). Mandarin is the common language in China and is spoken by 70% of the population. When people speak of learning Chinese, most likely they are referring to the Mandarin language. In Guangdong and Hong Kong, however, Cantonese is the primary language.
2.     Chinese Characters
Chinese characters are logographic, meaning that a symbol is used to represent a word. Each character corresponds to one syllable. Sometimes, it takes two Chinese characters to represent one word. Each character also contains a...

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