Why do you think the way you think?

Posted by Debra Clayton on June 05, 2011

May 2011

Hello again, what a busy month it has been for me. I have started consulting in Lilydale and Rowville, and am launching two new courses next term, one for children and adolescents: Awaken the confidence within and one for adults: Introducing You to yourself….. It is very exciting and I hope to see many of you there. I hope you had an exciting month too and were able to implement some of the suggestions from last month when we talked about what you give you receive and building foundations for great relationships. Please do email me at [email protected] with any comments, feedback or stories you may have I would absolutely love to hear from you.

This month I wanted to explore the reasons why we think the way we think. As individuals we all have different genetics, outside influences and experiences however how come there are so many of us that think in the same way? For the amount of people on this earth there are so few generic ways that people engage in thinking and most of it is negative! As humans we are consciously completely unaware of the damage we are doing to ourselves and our future generations by allowing these ways of thinking to continually occur. When I think about this it really frustrates me as I can-not understand why it is that we are so easily lead to believe the negative aspects of life and why it is that we so easily engage in teaching these negative thoughts to each other.

There is no right or wrong way to think, it really is up to you, but once you are aware of how you think you might be able to make some adjustments that could completely change your life. The way you think has been learned you were not born with thoughts that put you down and made you feel like a failure. You were born happy with who you are accepting yourself and those around you. You were appreciative when someone gave you love, warmth, clothed you or fed you. There was nothing else you required. It did not matter if you were slow to talk, crawl or walk, how you looked, what colour your hair or your skin was or what type of home you had. You were just happy with who you were. You learned to judge these things and find ways to be unhappy about them by others around you and this is what you can change.

This month have a think about how you think…. Are you:

  • A black and white thinker
  • A mind reader – thinking that people think the worst of you
  • A catastrophiser – always expecting the worst
  • A should/must person – not a like to could do
  • An overgeneraliser – categorizing everything into one situation
  • A mental filterer – picking the negative out of all situations
  • A self-blamer – never looking at the big picture
  • A person who asks questions that have no answers – like why did it happen to me?

How did you start thinking this way? Take some time to reflect on that this month and see where it leads you we will explore this further next month.

Till then stay warm.



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