What you give you receive - building foundations for wonderful relationships

Posted by Debra Clayton on June 05, 2011

Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure to be writing the second edition of u-central news. Last month we talked about – “No more excuses” this was our very first issue and introduction to the concept of you being the centre of the universe. I truly hope you were successful in implementing some or all of the strategies and I would love to hear your stories, please email them to [email protected]

This month we continue to emphasise that “It is up to you”! The aim is to enlighten you on how to claim back responsibility and build relationships that are wonderful, exciting, supportive and loving. As I write this there are only a few days left till Easter. Traditionally Easter is a celebration of miracles, re-birth and forgiveness. How often do you really consider this when you celebrate Easter? This is the perfect time to implement some positive programming in your life to create miracles, re-birth and forgiveness in your relationships.

Consider what your relationships are like, do they all contain the following positive elements? Are they all: loving, appreciative, supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental, strong, healthy, open, communicative, nurturing, harmonious and reciprocal?

If they are then congratulations! You are truly blessed with the insight of how to positively program your relationships. Putting it simply you are receiving what you give and it is all good. If on the other hand your relationships do not contain the above elements, it is not the end of the world. There are some strategies I would like to share with you that can help you take charge and re program your relationships so you can have the relationships you desire.

1.            Start loving the person you want to improve the relationship with unconditionally. (that means stop picking on the small annoying habits)

2.            Show appreciation for things that they do for you (it does not matter how small an acknowledgement of what has been done is all that is needed)

3.            Be supportive of this person by listening to their stories (about their day, their problems, etc.)

4.            Encourage this person by picking out the positive things that have happened to them in the past days, weeks, months

5.            Always put yourself in their shoes and look at the situation from their perspective rather than judging what they did or did not do

6.            Be a pillar of strength (they in turn will be your pillar of strength)

7.            Enjoy giving to the person but also enjoy taking from them too (this includes time, energy, love and everything in between)


8.            Be open with this person, if something is bugging you tell them (they are not psychic and cannot read your mind regardless of how long you have known them)

9.            Always keep the lines of communication open instead of shutting down because it is easier. This is never the answer to a good relationship

10.          Provide a nurturing environment, be sensitive to their needs as well as your own

11.          Relationships are like flowers, when you neglect them they cannot grow beautiful and blossom in their environment

12.          Always remember if you are giving you should also be receiving


What you give you receive, It’s up to you! This month get a notepad and pen and put it by your bed side table, start making an “evidence diary”. In this notepad write down at least one if not many achievements you have made each day. It can include anything from cooking a beautiful meal to reading a book, from spending time with a loved one to booking a holiday or getting everything done on your to do list. It really does not matter what achievement’s you enter in the note pad, but remember there has to be at least one and it has to be each day. The more you love yourself the more you will be able to love others its up to You.

Let me know how you go, you will not believe the miracles you can create in your life.

Many blessings to you all and I wish you a safe and joyous Easter.

Till next month.




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