So why do you think the way you think? The Aah Haa moment

Posted by Debra Clayton on June 07, 2011

Issue 4

JUNE 2011

Hello again, I can hardly believe the momentum that is building up this year. We are now almost half way through 2011. There just seems like so much more to get through before we reach the pinnacle at the end of the year, and prepare again for a new year. Last month we explored why you think the way you think and I left it with you to investigate why it is you have come to think this way. I wonder what you came up with?

I wonder if you discovered that there were one or two of those thinking patterns that you frequently engage in and now that you are able to identify them if you are able to begin starting to challenge them when they occur in your mind. Here are some strategies you can use:

·         For black and white thinkers, start looking for the shades of grey just because you are not 100% successful does not mean you have failed.

·         For mind readers remember if you are thinking someone is thinking badly of you – you really can’t know what they are thinking and if you don’t know then don’t guess.

·         For catastrophisers remember not always does the worst thing happen. You can not be 100% certain and your worrying will not help things go any more smoothly.

·         For the should and must people out there, start avoiding these words they make things much worse than they really are, start using words such as like and prefer instead.

·         For the overgeneralisers avoid sweeping statements. It really is not fair on yourself to judge yourself based on one event.

·         For the mental filterers stop focusing on your weakness and the bad things that happen to you and start reminding yourself of your strengths.

·         Self blamers don’t be too hard on yourself there is no point in blaming yourself and making yourself feel weak, pathetic or inadequate.

·         For those of you who ask questions that could not possibly have answers. Stop wallowing and start taking action there is no point in asking why this is happening to me, if no one can answer you.

Take some time to try this for a month and let me know how you go, I would love to hear from you. You can email me at [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you soon have a happy month …



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