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Posted by Debra Clayton on June 05, 2011

                March 2011                          

Dear Readers, welcome to the very first u-central monthly words of encouragement. Each month the focus of our   words of encouragement will be on YOU. Here at u-central we believe that it is all up to you because life is literally all about you. Your life is at the centre of the universe which revolves around you. If you can, take a moment to close your eyes, and visualise yourself standing on a rock in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. The planets, the stars and the solar system are slowly rotating around you. Can you now picture a steering wheel and take control of it. You are the mission controller of yourself and your destiny therefore you are the only person that can grab the controls and take charge of the course you would like to travel through in your life. U-central would like to help you take control and change course for your highest good.

This month we focus on no more excuses. We have a few suggestions that we think will help you to start taking control – It’s all up to you........

In March have a go at the following activities and see how quickly things can start to change in your life when you take control.


Ø  Think about one thing you would like in your life right now (it could be a new career, partner, car, home etc...

Ø  Make a list of the things you would have to do to have this in your life right now

Ø  Write down how you might be able to implement some of these things from the list above in your life right now

Ø  Plan to add the things you need to do to your daily/weekly/monthly schedule

Ø  Make a positive affirmation about this thing you want in your life *

Ø  Place the positive affirmation somewhere you can see it every day

Ø  Place no thought on what others think about what you are doing

Ø  Write down any changes you notice as you move towards it and how you feel about this.

Ø  Believe in yourself – remember what you focus on you move towards


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