Are you fully conscious of your personal style?

Posted by Image Quest on January 03, 2011

Are you fully conscious of your personal style?

Don’t do another thing until you have actioned these 11 steps!

1.    Eliminate  If it’s dated, in poor condition, no longer fits or is just not you anymore, make it redundant now.  Make space for a new, more confident and energised you!

2.    Visual Merchandise  Upgrade your coat hangers.  Jackets, skirts and pants like the wooden variety to give them the support they need.  Hang pants from the hems.   You will find them at Coles or Safeway.  Ikea have them as well. All your other garments will love the solid plastic hangers.  This will have you feel like you are shopping in a boutique.  You made the garment purchase because you loved it in the store, so now create that at home and love it in your wardrobe too.

3.    Create a shoe boutique  Turn all shoes to face you, just like a shoe boutique really.  Then spray your shoe cupboard with something gorgeous like Planet Ark’s Orange Power with lemon myrtle.  Make it a visual and sensory experience that will delight you.

4.    Go undercover  Head to your lingerie store and get yourself fitted with a new bra.  Toss the lingerie that no longer supports you and consider a little help in the shapewear department. Create a foundation that will ensure your garments fit superbly and lift your confidence.

5.    Heads up   Off to your hairdresser (or perhaps it’s time for a new one?) and update your hairstyle.  A minor change can have a major impact on how you feel and keep you looking like you belong in 2011.

6.    About face  Book a make up lesson and learn some new tricks.  We have our own in-house make up stylist at Image Quest.  Happy to share with you.  As we advance in years, keeping up to date with new techniques and products is essential.

7.    Confidence  Stop and think!  Is your current wardrobe serving you for your career and life in 2011?  Which outfit do you feel most confident in?  Which one do you feel compromised in?  Dressing to your optimal level will be crucial to your success in business and life for this year.

8.    Signature colours  Discover your very best signature colours and use them in accessories, tops, jackets and everything close to your face.  Excellent for rapport building, trust and credibility in business.

9.    Style expression  Bring your style expression into your outfits every day.  It will leave you feeling quietly confident and communicate visually to prospective clients exactly who you are.  This fast tracks rapport building.

10.  Fabric  Find your most flattering fabric weight, drape and texture. Use it effectively to balance your proportions and create illusion to trim kilos or create them.



You certainly inspired me into action and gave me lots to think about as well as new contacts. Joy Bruce


Helen thank you for your help, encouragement and confidence boosting for me.  It has literally taken me months to get my head around all the things you taught and advised me.

The proof is in the pudding as they say and the other day someone at work said to me 'Anna, I just love your style'...  Can you imagine that!!!

Never in a million years would I have expected to hear those words - me style :)

Again thank you!! Anna Milici


I have to say last Thursday was a cathartic experience! It was so much fun.  Everything is now so tidy! I bagged up 6 garbage bags to go to the Salvo’s and dropped them off. On Saturday I made up my jewellery board, spray painted it white put hooks in and everything is now on display. I also had the alterations done on my tops so I can wear them.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!  You can come and organise me any time.  Elizabeth Holloway

Helen has changed the way I think when I’m lured into a shop. I now have a clear idea of what colours & styles suit me & I ignore the rest.

The gaps in my wardrobe are what I’m seeking & I can wait until I see something I really like. It may be on sale or it may be full price, but that’s O.K.’cos I’m not making mistakes now !!! ‘’  Pam Crack



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