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Three Simple Steps to Avoid Mediocrity in Leadership

Posted by Third Sigma International on September 28, 2010

Three Simple Steps to Avoid Mediocrity in Leadership

We have just endured a tedious few weeks of electioneering to face the near future of a mediocre government here in Australia. Again -I am apolitical in my articles. However I am a passionately keen student  of leaders and leadership behaviours.Last year when I predicted on ABC Radio that Tony Abbott would be the next leader of the Liberal Party I listed 3 basic elements a leader MUST have. At that time my view was that of all the contenders available Tony Abbott was the only one who showed these 3 elements. Obviously there are many many more elements to being a great leader. These are the 3 basics, in my observations.Both party leaders in this election - Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott  - have ignored these 3 basic Leadership elements resulting in the potential of a hung parliament in Australia.
The First Thing You Need to Do to Avoid in Mediocrity in Leadership - Have a Vision.If you don't know where you are going - how can you expect anyone to follow you?A couple of years ago, I spoke at a Women in Government conference in Sydney. I asked for a show of hands from the audience on who know what the incoming American President stood for - I got a chorus in reply. On the other side of the planet these women knew what Obamas vision was.  I then asked what the new Australian Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd) had as a vision, there were some murmurings and mutterings, a few could tell me.  So I asked what the outgoing Prime Minsters vision was (John Howard) only one hand went up in the whole crowded room of Public Sector employees. The hand belonged to a Liberal Senator.No one else knew the Vision of the defeated leader. The same lesson applies in the recent election. We are in a vision...

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Are you fully conscious of your personal style?

Posted by Image Quest on January 03, 2011

Are you fully conscious of your personal style?

Don’t do another thing until you have actioned these 11 steps!
1.    Eliminate  If it’s dated, in poor condition, no longer fits or is just not you anymore, make it redundant now.  Make space for a new, more confident and energised you!
2.    Visual Merchandise  Upgrade your coat hangers.  Jackets, skirts and pants like the wooden variety to give them the support they need.  Hang pants from the hems.   You will find them at Coles or Safeway.  Ikea have them as well. All your other garments will love the solid plastic hangers.  This will have you feel like you are shopping in a boutique.  You made the garment purchase because you loved it in the store, so now create that at home and love it in your wardrobe too.
3.    Create a shoe boutique  Turn all shoes to face you, just like a shoe boutique really.  Then spray your shoe cupboard with something gorgeous like Planet Ark’s Orange Power with lemon myrtle.  Make it a visual and sensory experience that will delight you.
4.    Go undercover  Head to your lingerie store and get yourself fitted with a new bra.  Toss the lingerie that no longer supports you and consider a little help in the shapewear...

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