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Certificate II In Community Services

Lalor, VIC

Subject: Community Service

Certificate II In Community Services: (Assess & Deliver Service to clients with special needs) This course provides pathways to further study in the Social & Community Services area and is a prerequisite for all work in Community Information Bureaus - now an established Regional service and includes a computer module as part of the course.


Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class.


47A French St
Lalor, VIC 3075

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The teachers

Who we are and what we do

Lalor Living & Learning Centre is an idea that you can be a part of. The concept is...

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Who we are and what we do

Lalor Living & Learning Centre is an idea that you can be a part of. The concept is that you can find your full potential learning with friends and others like you, in a relaxed and friendly environment, people who want to-:

Discover new directions and lifestyles

Learn a technical skill or capacity

Go back to fill in gaps left by living in today's high speed society.

Learn skills to support children, family or anyone who dependents on you.

Develop skills in handling the new demands of our changing society.

Prepare for employment

Lalor Living & Learning Centre is a learning community in the workplace. It is a part of your local community helping to draw people together, reconnecting and transforming their lives.

Come and be a part of our idea

Information Privacy: This organisation respects your right to Information Privacy. Information we collect on learners is kept in accordance with information privacy laws.

Rights: Everyone is assured of a safe place where one's religion, culture, ethnicity and sexual differences will be respected at all times. All students have the right to feel safe and satisfied with their course as well as have the right to air their problems with their course. It is important that you respect the rights of other people.

Fees & Charges: The Lalor Living & Learning Centre is a non profit organisation. Fees and charges are kept to a minimum and fees can only be refunded in cases where the student gives formal notice within 4 weeks of the start of a course. Pro-rata refunds may apply to short courses. Fees are charged in line with Ministerial Direction. Concessions apply to certain categories of Health Care Card recipients.

Grievances: A supportive relationship between staff and students is encouraged at all times. Problems are resolved through support, discussion and counselling.

Statement of purpose

To assist people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds to work effectively together towards improving theirs and the overall position of CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse members of the community.

To promote information sharing to support development of strategies addressing issues specific to cultural and ethnic group.

To seek participation and arbitration in consultative session between Government and minority groups.

To promote coherent communication between the local community, government agencies, community organizations, employer and trade unions

To endorse initiatives from cultural and ethnic groups in lobbying decision-makers so as to remove or minimize undesirable consequences in current issues.

To offer affordable and relevant adult education in the local community in particular for NESB groups.

Note: In every aspect we offer our services to all members of our community born here and elsewhere

Our philosophy

We recognize the need to operate within a framework which promotes people's empowerment, participation and self determination.

We believe in working towards the elimination of barriers which prevent equitable access to opportunities and services by the disadvantaged and people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

We wish to encourage the development of policies and strategies aimed at eliminating racism, prejudice and those who have experienced exclusion

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Lalor Living and Learning Centre Inc