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Sakura Gakuen Week 7

Posted by jmikami on November 30, 2014

Sakura Gakuen Term 4 Week 7藤クラスの学習について
藤クラスは日本語の基礎ひらがなを学習しています。 ひらがなの歌に合わせて歌を歌いひらがなをリズムで覚え、書き取りはミニホワイトボードを使い練習しています。なかなか集中力が続かないですが何度も繰り返し続ける事で、みんなが日本語を使う力が伸びてきているように思います。先週は身につけるもの(帽子や靴の呼び名等)を学習しました。今週は楽器の名前について学ぶ予定です。
智亜希 先生
Fuji class at Sakura Gakuen by Chiaki sensei In the Fuji class this term we are working hard on the basics, hiragana and more. We have been practicing the hiragana song which helps the students remember the hiragana alphabet using a rhythm. This is a proven research based method to remember sounds and words. Please practice the song at home with your child. You can find it on youtube Students also enjoy using the mini-whiteboards provided by Sakura Gakuen every lesson to practice their writing as much as they like. The children are young and active and sometimes struggle to focus but through active and play based learning they are improving their Japanese skills each week. I am very proud of them. Last week children practicing saying the names of items around them in the room. They enjoyed this concrete learning...

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