Tips for bringing out the interior designer in you

Posted by Oceania Polytechnic on September 02, 2010

Tips for bringing out the interior designer in you
Interior Design

Designing your own home or re-decroating is an exciting thing and allows you free reign over your creatvity and getting what you want out of your living space. It can however, be overwhelming with so many factors to consider such as asthetics, functionality and cost. There are several concepts which can help you work through the big task ahead of you and extend your interior design skills.

To begin with you must consider the entire design space in which you are working. You must consider the size of the room, the layout of the room, the lighting necessary to make the room good for viewing reading materials, inviting to others, and the specific function of the room.

Here are some tips for bringing out the interior designer in you!

1. Looking through interior design our housing magazines and collating examples of things you like will help you to refine what you want to do.

2.Choose a theme for colours and decoration of rooms and make sure everything you think of including in the room suits the theme.

3. Ask yourself several questions: what can I add to this space to make it more comfortable and to get the most use out of this room? For example: if a bathroom now has to accommodate 2 additional people can I make it larger by 6-12 inches? How much time is needed before this space is needed to be used? What budgeting or building code specifications must I follow? If people of different ages are using the same space have I considered each person's needs?

4. Create a tracking chart of when work needs to be finished and when it actually does get completed.

5. Scour the World Wide Web for websites with useful interior design information or take a short course in interior design to maximise your skills!

Hope this helps!


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